Possible Convention Flying Opportunities

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Many convention-goers add some extra sightseeing by Short Wing to their convention experience. Some make extra stops on their way to or from the convention and many Short Wingers fly off to see the sights from the air during the convention as well. Thursday morning, July 4th, is our “free day” so we’re pretty much on our own to explore and Convention Chair, Andy Selgison, has some suggestions of great places to explore with our Short Wing Pipers!

Basin Harbor Resort – Basin Harbor Resort in Vergennes, Vermont on Lake Champlin has a 3000′ turf strip (they say it’s one of the best in New England) with parking next to the Red Mill restaurant. The resort’s beach is a short walk from the restaurant (bring your swim suit!).

Fly over the Adirondacks – land at  the airport at Lake Placid, NY and take a cab to see where the winter Olympics were held in 1980.


Fly to  Sugarbush, Vermont – Sugarbush boasts a lovely paved strip and is home to SWPC member, Fabio Schulthess.

Fly to New York City – For those that want a longer trip, you could fly down the Hudson River all the way to New York City and see the spectacular skyline & Statue of Liberty. We’ve done this a couple of times at previous conventions as a planned group flight. It is approximately a 2 hour each way excursion, so you are on your own. One should consult the NY Terminal chart for procedures to fly in the Hudson River exclusion (or ask Andy).

Empire State Aerosciences Museum – A very short flight from 5B2 is the Empire State Aerosciences Museum at the Schenectady, NY airport just SW of Saratoga.

Martha’s Vineyard – head southeast from Saratoga to either Montauk, NY (MTP), Block Island, Rhode Island (BID), or Katama Airpark on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts for the beach and great seafood.

Explore the Must-See Hudson Valley – Named by National Geographic Explorer as a Must-See destination of 2013, the Hudson Valley scenery is amazing. Andy suggests flying down the Hudson River Corridor to the Verrazano Bridge & back with a stop for lunch and fuel at Orange County Airport (MGJ) or Kobelt Airport (N45).  Click HERE to read our story about the Must-See Hudson Valley.



Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome – is a popular destination but not the easiest place to fly in to and use of the field is only authorized by prior permission. You must call 845-752-3200 / 845-752-3206 to get permission to fly in.  This might be a better drive-in destination instead. Check out Old Rhinebeck’s website at www.oldrhinebeck.org


Don’t have a Short Wing at your disposal? Looking for someone to ride along with you as you explore? We will have an information board at the Holiday Inn where pilots can post any flight and potential passengers can post that they are looking for a flight. In addition, you can add a comment at the bottom of this post stating you have a free seat or are in search of a ride.



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