Short Wing Piper Club members share a common dedication to the enjoyment, flying, preservation, restoration and maintenance of five of Piperʼs finest aircraft – the Piper Vagabond, Clipper, Pacer, Tri-Pacer and Colt.

SWPC Members enjoy the use of a free lending library offering technical information, books, videos, an extensive collection of tools, plus the ability to take advantage of discounted parts and even free product drawings for such items as LED Landing and Taxi lights, Vortex Generator kits, and aircraft batteries, to name but a few. Our members participate in online forums dedicated to sharing social, technical, safety, and general aviation related information.

They also participate in reviewing and commenting on FAA airworthiness concerns prior to the issuance of Airworthiness Directives (ADʼs) or other official action affecting safety and operations of these aircraft. The SWPC sponsors scholarships in aviation related studies to qualifying applicants through its Education Foundation, financed in part by an online store that offers unique merchandise geared to the SWPC enthusiast. The SPWC also has the most extensive set of technical data available in the world for the five Short Wing aircraft types, all available to our members. Interested in with staying in touch with social media? The Club even has an active Facebook page where many of our members post pictures, questions and Short Wing events.

If you are interested in this class of Vintage Aircraft, currently own or are interested in purchasing a Short Wing Piper, or just enjoy being around friendly folks who enjoy aviation, then this type of Club is definitely for you.

Come fly with us!

Our History

The Short Wing Piper Club began as the result of a chance meeting of four Tri-Pacer owners on a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1978, appropriately enough, at an airport. A time of hangar flying and tire kicking led to the eventual establishment of a club with international membership. Now, nearly 35 years later, The Short Wing Piper Club boasts over 1,350 members who are kept in close contact by the Club’s bi-monthly magazine, The Short Wing Piper News, the Club’s website and the forums and e-mail lists that go along with it, an active Facebook page and the annual SWPC Convention.

Here at the History section of our website you can find detailed information about the Club’s early history, search through archives, learn about our Hall of Honor, discover information on past conventions and more!

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