Short Wing Piper Education Foundation Annual Career Scholarship

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Youth Scholarship

Interested in Applying for the Short Wing Piper Education Foundation Youth Scholarship? Since this is a new addition to our Scholarship Program, youth preferred ages are from 10-18. Email our Foundation Manager, Michele Wolff, at [email protected] for more information.


Applicants should be a senior in high school or high school graduate who is enrolled or plans to be enrolled in an aviation-related course of post-secondary study.

The deadline is May 01.

Yes! In fact, your relative can sponsor you for the scholarship. However, you are NOT eligible to apply if your relative is a member of the SWPC Board of Directors Officers. Sorry.

Yes, each applicant must be recommended for sponsorship by a SWPC member or SWPC Chapter. Sponsors need to write a letter recommending you. That letter needs to be included in your scholarship application packet.

No, recipients are chosen based on merit due to maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

That answer depends on what type of aviation career you are pursuing. If you are pursuing a flying career then yes, you need to be at least a private pilot in order to apply. If you are pursuing a non-flying aviation career then, no, you don’t need to be a pilot in order to apply.

Scholarship recipients are announced at the Annual SWPC Convention. All candidates unable to attend the Convention will be notified of their acceptance or rejection after the Convention closes in June, usually.

Still, have questions? – Please contact [email protected]. Michele is the Foundation Manager and can easily answer any remaining questions or provide clarification for you.