See the World from Above – Pictures from Larry Jenkins

One of the greatest things about attending a SWPC Convention is the adventure in getting there, especially when getting there involves flying in a Short Wing Piper. Larry Jenkins, our Education Foundation Director and Manager of our SWPC Store, had a great flying adventure flying his Clipper from his home in Tennessee to our convention in Saratoga Springs and back home again. Larry sent in many wonderful pictures of his flight home and is letting me share  them with all of you. Thanks, Larry!

Larry’s pictures are a great inspiration to get out and fly and enjoy the world from above. So sit back and take a look at the slideshow – and then get out and fly or start planning your next flying trip to see the world from above.

Perhaps Larry’s pictures will inspire you to fly your Short Wing to  the 2014 SWPC Convention in Santa Maria, California!


Here’s some information from Larry on his pictures:

The first group of pictures includes a few pictures from the convention flight line at the Saratoga Airport and the pictures taken on the flight home of the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty. The next group of pictures were taken on the segment of Larry’s journey  from the New York City area to Morehead City, NC.

Larry wrote, “I fulfilled one of my dreams to have taken every airplane I have owned to Kitty Hawk.  You can see the monument in the background.  I love the mystic of the outer banks of North Carolina.  The weather was beautiful, and you are along for one of the most awesome flights.  To keep my story short, I spent several days in Morehead City with friends I have known for more than 50 years.  Once I got a break in the weather, I flew as far west as possible, and the weather put me down in Rockingham, NC for several more days.  Again, I stayed with friends that lived in that area.  When the weather cleared, I flew west to Ft. Payne, Alabama, for fuel, and on home to H 75.  The trip was far more than what you have read about in this email and seen in these pictures. It was a trip of a life time!”

Click on any gallery image to view in a larger size or to view as a slide show. If you are viewing this post in your email, please visit the website to view the gallery.

Events for September 28 & 29, 2013

Fall is a great time for flying so if you are looking for somewhere to go this weekend there are a couple of Short Wing friendly events coming up – a Fly-in Bean Dinner in Oklahoma with the Oklahoma SWPC Chapter and a Sentimental Journey Fly-in Breakfast at William T. Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) in Pennsylvania.

Click HERE for more information on the Oklahoma Fly-in Bean Dinner

Click HERE for more information on the Sentimental Journey Fly-in Breakfast

Be sure to check our Events Calendar from time to time  to see what else is going on.

Have an event that you think should be on our Events Calendar? Please contact our Website Content Manager through our Contact Us page.

Thanks to Roger Southwick for this picture which he took at a fly-in lunch at SkyHarbor Airpark in Minnesota.
Thanks to Roger Southwick for this picture which he took at a fly-in lunch at SkyHarbor Airpark in Minnesota.

2013 Poker Run Pictures

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

Despite rainy weather during some of the 2013 Convention, the weather cooperated enough so people could fly the Poker Run on Wednesday, July 3rd. Convention Chair, Andy Seligson, reports that 12 aircraft flew in the Poker Run. 22 hands were played. The winner was Kevin Weidner flying a Twin Comanche with Three 7s. Fabio Schulthess had the second best hand with Three 3s.

SWPC member Ralph Gutowski is one of the people who participated in the Poker Run. He rode along with Barb Miller in her TriPacer and took a large number of pictures along the way.

Ralph shared the pictures of his poker run adventure in a photo album that you can find on the internet at this link:
You do not have sign up or register to view the photo gallery.

Ralph was generous enough to let us to use some of his many Poker Run pictures here on the website. So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a number of the pictures from Ralph’s Poker Run album. Captions were taken directly from Ralph’s online slideshow.

The pictures shown below are thumbnail images so are somewhat cropped. To view full size, please click on any picture. Clicking on a picture also allows you to view the gallery as a slideshow. Enjoy!


SWPC People & Planes at AirVenture 2013

SWPC at AirVenture

EAA’s AirVenture 2013 is just days away and Short Wingers are already driving and flying in to this wonderful annual event. AirVenture is a great place to meet up with members of our Short Wing Family – but – if you’ve been to AirVenture, you already know it’s a HUGE event and it can be terribly hard to find people there.

If you are looking for SWPC members or airplanes, be sure to stop at the SWPC table located in the Vintage Hangar about 100 feet south of the VAA Red Barn. Our table is managed by member Clete Cisler and should be staffed by Clete and other members from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday the 27th through the evening of Friday, August 2nd.

The SWPC Table is a great place to connect with other Short Wingers! Be sure to sign in and make a note of where you are parked or staying on the sign up sheet Clete keeps at our SWPC table so other people can find you. And, if you feel like getting out of the sun and want to help out the Club and talk to people, sign up to work a shift at the table.

Here’s some info from gathered from our Facebook page on where Short Wings have been know to, or are planning, to park:

Jerry Isbell from Ohio wrote , “there will be about twelve of our Short Wing Pipers just west of the Hangar Café [near row 66W]. We park there every year. Look us up. From California to Switzerland, and many places in between. Just west of us is Jim Gardner.”

Daniel Miller noted that “In the past many Pacer types have managed to be together in the west side of the vintage parking”

Feel free to add a comment below noting where you parked your Short Wing at AirVenture to further help fellow SWPC members find you. If you’d like, you can also comment as to where you are camped in Camp Scholler or post comments about trying to get a group together for dinner at AirVenture or to do some airplane watching with a fellow Short Winger or two!

If you have Short Wing news or pictures you are willing to share on the SWPC website, be sure to send them to

We’ll be posting updates on AirVenture if we can. Check back at our AirVenture page or Latest News page to read the updates.

Event Spotlight – Pylon Airport 50 Year Reunion

The Short Wing Piper Club website has our Events Calendar so the Club, chapters and other aviation groups can post events that might be of interest to SWPC members.

I plan to do an Event Spotlight from time to time to showcase aviation events. There’s an event coming up on Saturday in Texas that looks especially fun, the Pylon Airport 50 Year Reunion. The organizers of the reunion are looking for information about the people who were involved in this now closed airport. Even if you can’t attend the reunion, give this Event Spotlight a read. Maybe you’ll have some information or pictures somewhere that will help out the Pylon Airport gang!   ~Myrna/Website Content Manager

Here’s some information from one of the Pylon Airport Reunion organizers, Joel Russell, with some information about Pylon Airport and their reunion event.

My Dad, Tom Russell (solo’d in ’49) and his friend Sid Fisher (solo’d in ’52) met in the mid 50’s and by the late 50’s were looking to start an airport. Land was purchased in Arlington, TX., hangers built and the small house that Dad had constructed for he and Mom was moved in to become the office building. The first plane landed there in May 1960. At the beginning there were at least 6 Luscombs and an Ercoupe. Soon after followed all kinds of “short wings”, 120/140’s, Bellanca, Fairchilds and more.  I was born in 1959,  and Pylon was a great place to grow up. Mom says at the age of 3 I’d walk the line of hangers knowing what each plane was and who owned it. Never one to know a stranger I enjoyed rides “around the patch” from any and everyone.

Pylon Airport
Pylon Airport

Unfortunately on December 20th 1965, Dad crashed his clip wing Cub while doing a slow roll down the runway and was killed. Sid carried on with the airport until the property was needed and purchased by the Arlington ISD in 1975. Today there is nothing left except an Mulberry tree my Mother planted that stood in front of the office.

I have been working on this “reunion” now for about 10 months and have placed flyers at all the surrounding airports, several on line with other sites including what has been a real gold mine, “Little Known and Abandoned Airfields” web site.

Pylon Airport - Joe & Old Blue
Pylon Airport – Joe & Old Blue

The meeting will be held June 22nd 2013 at the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport Terminal Building, Grand Prairie, TX. from 12:00-5:00. We are asking that anyone who might have photos to send them to this email so they can be included in a Power Point display, and to bring any mementos from Pylon. We hope to have several people fly in including one of the original Luscombs that belonged to one of the earliest Pylon members.

Click HERE to go to the Pylon Airport 50 Year Reunion listing on our Events Calendar or click on the image below to view full size.

Pylon Logo-Model


Short Wings Over Saratoga Poker Run

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

submitted by SWPC 2013 Convention Chair, Andy Seligson

The Poker run will take place Wed. July 3rd – approx. 9:30-10:00 am

At practically every SWPC convention I’ve attended, there was a poker run. They were always fun to participate in. Peter Lubig wanted flying activities at the convention. He’s right; this is a flying club with airplanes & pilots. There is some beautiful scenery in this area. Why not participate, get a chance to see the area from above, perhaps give a ride to a member who didn’t fly to Saratoga, and just maybe, you will beat Rico Cannone’s hand and win the prize (Rico always seems to be the winner at any contest I can recall)! As far as poker and procedures go, the best hand (5 cards/no joker) is the winner. A tie/ties split the prize. You will fly from Saratoga (5B2) to four airports, where a volunteer will staple your pick to your entry blank. It is a $10 per hand fee that many have already signed up & paid for. Yes you can pay for an entry slip at the convention. You may also play more than one hand for an additional $10, but the volunteer will only staple one card to each entry slip.

The route is simple. From Saratoga (5B2) to Bennington, Vermont (DDH) ias about 29 nm. From (DDH) to Garnsey’s (B04) airport in Schuylerville, N.Y. on th Hudson is about 18 nm. Garnsey’s is a good turf strip (better than many paved ones) with no services available. From Garnsey’s to Glens Falls, N.Y (GFL) Bennett Memorial is about 17 nm north along the Hudson. GFL has a decent restaurant for breakfast/lunch. Then it’s on to Fulton County (NY0) in Johnstown, N.Y. which also has a restaurant for breakfast & lunch and is about 38 nm SW of GFL. A short hop back to (5B2) Saratoga for your fifth card is about 21 nm east of Johnstown.

This can be a no–pressure pleasure flight to see the sights, maybe give someone a ride, and win a small fortune (emphasis on small). We will have a signup sheet for both the Poker Run and the flight to Basin Harbor, Vermont (B06) on the 4th for lunch at the Red Mill restaurant (adjacent to their 3000’ turf/carpet runway, for anyone looking for an available seat. If you are going (we encourage you) and have a seat or seats available, please let me know. If the weather is not good on Wednesday, we’ll try it on Thursday morning. If we’re weathered out, you will be refunded your entry fee. We hope to soon have information on a walking Poker Run where you can walk to several shops in town and, for the same $10 entry fee, get a poker hand ( and possibly patronize that merchant ). Stay tuned for further information.


Possible Convention Flying Opportunities

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Many convention-goers add some extra sightseeing by Short Wing to their convention experience. Some make extra stops on their way to or from the convention and many Short Wingers fly off to see the sights from the air during the convention as well. Thursday morning, July 4th, is our “free day” so we’re pretty much on our own to explore and Convention Chair, Andy Selgison, has some suggestions of great places to explore with our Short Wing Pipers!

Basin Harbor Resort – Basin Harbor Resort in Vergennes, Vermont on Lake Champlin has a 3000′ turf strip (they say it’s one of the best in New England) with parking next to the Red Mill restaurant. The resort’s beach is a short walk from the restaurant (bring your swim suit!).

Fly over the Adirondacks – land at  the airport at Lake Placid, NY and take a cab to see where the winter Olympics were held in 1980.


Fly to  Sugarbush, Vermont – Sugarbush boasts a lovely paved strip and is home to SWPC member, Fabio Schulthess.

Fly to New York City – For those that want a longer trip, you could fly down the Hudson River all the way to New York City and see the spectacular skyline & Statue of Liberty. We’ve done this a couple of times at previous conventions as a planned group flight. It is approximately a 2 hour each way excursion, so you are on your own. One should consult the NY Terminal chart for procedures to fly in the Hudson River exclusion (or ask Andy).

Empire State Aerosciences Museum – A very short flight from 5B2 is the Empire State Aerosciences Museum at the Schenectady, NY airport just SW of Saratoga.

Martha’s Vineyard – head southeast from Saratoga to either Montauk, NY (MTP), Block Island, Rhode Island (BID), or Katama Airpark on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts for the beach and great seafood.

Explore the Must-See Hudson Valley – Named by National Geographic Explorer as a Must-See destination of 2013, the Hudson Valley scenery is amazing. Andy suggests flying down the Hudson River Corridor to the Verrazano Bridge & back with a stop for lunch and fuel at Orange County Airport (MGJ) or Kobelt Airport (N45).  Click HERE to read our story about the Must-See Hudson Valley.



Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome – is a popular destination but not the easiest place to fly in to and use of the field is only authorized by prior permission. You must call 845-752-3200 / 845-752-3206 to get permission to fly in.  This might be a better drive-in destination instead. Check out Old Rhinebeck’s website at


Don’t have a Short Wing at your disposal? Looking for someone to ride along with you as you explore? We will have an information board at the Holiday Inn where pilots can post any flight and potential passengers can post that they are looking for a flight. In addition, you can add a comment at the bottom of this post stating you have a free seat or are in search of a ride.