2012 Convention Awards Given at the Closing Banquet

2012 Convention Awards Given at the Closing Banquet
Submitted by Eleanor Mills

As usual, one of the highlights of the convention was the annual awards announcement at the closing banquet Thursday evening. Beautiful award plaques were given to the airplane award winners and to the keynote speaker, Galen Hanselman, who talked about some of the unique people and places he had found in his survey of all of the back country strips in Utah. The plaques were of stained glass and were handmade by Cathy Perry, who also designed the convention patch and the shirts and caps available to convention-goers.

Judges Linda Cochran, Doug Stewart, David Hedditch, Adrian Geiger, Ted Fields, and Brian McGlynn judged 11 aircraft. In addition, Tee Rush, Linda Cochran, and judged the ladies’ choice.

Winner of the farthest flown (a familiar award for this winner) went to Jack and Sandy Madden of Frostproof, Fla.

The beautiful plaques for beautiful Short Wings went to:
* Best Colt, Kurt Selbert, Roseville, Calif., who is also the club vice-president
* Best PA-22/20, Krystal and Kevin Newmayer, Highland, Calif.
* Best PA-22, Kent and Deborah O’Kelly, Castle Rock, Colo.
* Best PA-20, Mark Ohlau, Sutter Creek, Calif.
* Ladies Choice, Fred and Bonnie Mayes, Lebanon, Mo.
* Best non-Piper, Jim and Candy Butler, Evansville, Ind., for his Ercoupe.

And finally, the award everyone had been waiting for, the Grand Champion of this year’s convention went to Roni McPherson’s Clipper. Roni and her husband, Stewart, live in Cardiff By The Sea, Calif.

Bill Kendrick presented the Oklahoma Utilitarian Award (for what Bill called a Short Wing that was old, used, abused, and ugly but airworthy) to Jack and Sandy Madden. Bill also said that Jim Butler was being given an honorary award for Egregious Error in Airmanship (for an airplane accident that did not result in bloodshed, one several members have received from Bill in the past).

The Chapter of the Year Award went this year to the Ohio Buckeye Chapter. The award plaque read: In recognition of contributions to the Short Wing Piper Club, the Ohio Buckeye Chapter is hereby awarded the SWPC Outstanding Chapter of the Year award for the year 2012. In addition to planning and hosting two of the most remembered SWPC annual conventions (1998 and 2010) the Buckeye chapter has an outstanding monthly newsletter and has continued to have strong support from their members, who have attended many of the annual conventions. In addition chapter members and officers have maintained an attractive and informative website, have contributed to the welfare of private aviation by cooperating with other aviation organizations by holding and participating in joint fly-ins and activities, and have in general been valuable members of the club, contributing articles to the Short Wing Piper News and serving in positions of leadership for the club.” Tom Anderson accepted the plaque on behalf of the chapter.

Two other major awards were given at the convention as two more members were inducted into the Short Wing Piper Hall of Honor — Art Weisberger and Garry Butler. Garry was not present but Clyde Grant volunteered to deliver the plaque to him.

The plaques given to both members listed the qualifications for being chosen: “In recognition of your outstanding contribution to the Short Wing Piper Club and its goal to maintain and preserve the Piper Vagabonds, Clippers, Pacers, Colts and Tri-Pacers, you have been chosen by the club to have your name included on the Short Wing Piper Club Honor Roll.” The plaques also listed the previously recognized members of the Honor Roll: Bob Fuller, Steve Marsh Ed Wach, Kurt Schneider, Larry Smith, Lonnie McLaughlin, George Fruehauf, Iris Morris, Frank Rush, Chuck Lewis, Bob and Eleanor Mills, Clyde Grant, Kent O’Kelly, John Wood, Ralph Gutowski, Tom Anderson, Cliff Van Vleet, John Beck, and Doug Stewart.

In addition, Art’s plaque reads: “Your selection was based on your outstanding contributions to the club and its members through the years as secretary for 24 years (and counting), your attendance at most of our conventions, and your cheerfully stepping in to speak or chair meetings as needed. Your outstanding service to our country as a United States Marine is also deeply appreciated and the stories you have to tell about that service — and about flying — have added to the fellowship we experience in the club.” Garry’s plaque reads: “Your selection was based on your outstanding contributions to the club and its members through the years as President (2003-2005), an at-large member of the board (2005-2009), and treasurer since 2009, along with your faithful service in helping make the Michigan Chapter one of the premier chapters of the club. The Commemorative History Book which you spearheaded stands as one of the prime achievements of our club. You stand out from the crowd as being one who ‘never says no’ when asked to serve.”

And finally, Bill Thomas, Hendersonville, N.C., won the first prize of the Poker Run, with Robert “Obie” Oberholzer taking second, and Bill Lynch, Neosho, Mo., taking third. Bill’s winning hand was a full house of aces and 10s (I think). Doug Conger, poker run director, reported that the poker run raised $270 for the Education Foundation. The meeting closed with the announcement of the Southwest Regional, to be held September 12-16 in Denver, Color, with prime attractions being a trip to Georgetown, Colo., and a tour of Univair.

Following immediately after Eleanor’s announcement of the death of long-time member and past president Steve Marsh, the convention was called to a close in his name.

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