AirVenture 2013 – Day 5

SWPC at AirVenture

We’re nearing the end of AirVenture 2013. The type club tables in the Vintage building have to pack up and move out by Friday evening so if you are still on your way to Oshkosh you’ll be sad to find the type club area closed up on Saturday and Sunday. I believe the type clubs need to move out of the Vintage Building because EAA needs to set up the space for the Vintage Awards which take place on Saturday. So, if you are around AirVenture on Saturday evening, head on over to the Vintage Hangar for the VAA Aircraft Awards and see if any Short Wings won this year. According to the AirVenture Master Schedule, the Awards Event takes place from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m.

Interested in seeing the AirVenture Master Schedule? Click HERE and you’ll be directed to the schedule page on EAA’s website

I’m planning to post more pictures and some updates from the field in the next few days. There’s been a lot of posts on what’s going on and pictures on the SWPC’s Facebook page so please hop on over to our Facebook page to check things out! Click HERE to go to our Facebook page.

For today, we have a few pictures to share of a past EAA Champion. We posted a picture of this gorgeous TriPacer once already. Thanks to Jerry Isbell for sending in the first picture (click HERE to read about the plane and see the picture).

Another SWPC member, Bryan Hunt, send in some more shots of this gorgeous plane, N3314A, owned by SWPC member Rick Michalek of Iowa. AirVenture’s online records indicate that this TriPacer won a Gold Lindy in the Classic (September 1945-1955) category in 2011 and  a Bronze Lindy in the same category in 2008. You can see in the pictures just how award-worthy this TriPacer is!

Thanks, Bryan, for sharing your pictures with us.

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Short Wings Arriving at OSH13

SWPC at AirVenture

AirVenture 2013, EAA’s huge fly-in event, doesn’t open until Monday, July 29th, but people are already arriving. SWPC Member Jerry Isbell flew his Pacer in and has already set up camp along with three  other Short Wings and members of the Short Wing Family.

Here’s a picture Jerry sent in via text along with a note that this award winning Short Wing, N3314A, is parked on the Grand Champion row. An N number search shows that the 1953 TriPacer is owned by SWPC member Rick Michalek of Iowa. AirVenture’s online records indicate that the TriPacer won a Gold Lindy in the Classic (September 1945-1955) category in 2011 and  a Bronze Lindy in the same category in 2008.



We hope to have more pictures from AirVenture 2013 posted on our website soon!

More Pictures from Short Wings Over Saratoga

Short Wings Over Saratoga – 2013 SWPC Convention

Short Wings Over Saratoga Convention Chair, Andy Seligson, sent in a whole bunch of pictures from our recent 2013 SWPC Convention showing members of our Short Wing Family taking part in the convention actives. You’ll see people enjoying the 4th of July Parade, the Lake George Dinner Cruise, the Banquet as well as just hanging out enjoying each other’s company.

Ralph Gutowski also shared a gallery of pictures from the Lake George Dinner Cruise that you can view if you click on this link: Thanks, Ralph, for sharing your pictures!

The pictures shown below are thumbnail images so are somewhat cropped. To view full size, please click on any picture. Clicking on a picture also allows you to view the gallery as a slideshow.

2013 Convention Wrap Up

Short Wings Over Saratoga – 2013 SWPC Convention

It’s late and we need to get on the road early – so here’s a short recap of today’s events.
I will get pictures to post in the days to come and will get them up on the site asap.

Today was another good weather day – ideal for our free day to spend in and around Saratoga Springs!

At 5:30 this evening we started our Convention Banquet. President Peter Lubig opened the banquet and announced that George & Tyke Klitsch are the 2013 inductees into the SWPC Hall of Honor.

Before we started our meals, Ralph Gutowski offered a prayer.

Dinner was a wonderful buffet of salad, vegetables, roast fingerling potatoes, haddock, veal and beef rounded out with a variety of cakes to choose from for dessert. The food was great!

Recording Secretary, Art Weisberger, announced the results of the elections and by-law vote.

  • The by-law amendment was not accepted
  • Art Weisberger will serve as Recording Secretary for another term
  • Connie Stevens is our new President

Our guest speaker, Troy Harmon, gave a talk and slideshow about his adventures flying to and around Alaska. A good description of what he talked about  can be found at:  Author of book about flight to Alaska to be banquet speaker (click on title to view story). After the banquet, he signed copies of his book, 14 Days to Alaska.

After Troy’s talk, Convention Chair took the podium to thank the Convention team, hand out raffle prizes and give announce awards.

Poker Run – Kevin Weidner (I’m assuming his son Zac flew with him as well) won the poker run with a hand of three sevens. Kevin, his wife, Michele, and sons Zac and Jacob arrived at the convention in a Twin Comanche – and yes, they flew the poker run in the Twin!

Drawings for raffle prizes happened next. There were a variety of nice prizes including many cash prizes. A good number of those winning cash prizes donated the cash to the Education Foundation. The amount isn’t firm but Andy quickly calculated that somewhere between $1,300 and $1,500 of raffle sales were donated to the Education Foundation during the convention.

Aircraft Awards – we had all Short Wing aircraft types represented at this convention except for a Vagabond. Because of the small number of planes, all planes that managed to fly in to the convention were judged.

Here are the winners:

  • Best Clipper – Barbara & Gilbert Pierce’s Red Lady, N5834H
  • Best Pacer – Paul & Heather Gagnon’s CF-GAG
  • Best PA22/2o Pacer – Jack & Sandy Madden’s N8879C
  • Best TriPacer – Sid & Sue Brain’s N8457D
  • Best Colt – Tom & Amber McKernan’s N5883Z
  • Best Non-SWPC – Steve McKeon’s original design “Minion”, NX49SM
  • Bev Jewett Grand Champion Memorial Award – Dale Berger’s PA220-150, N87NM

Following Aircraft Awards, Connie Stevens was congratulated on her new role as SWPC President for the next term.

Outgoing President, Peter Lubig, made some closing remarks.

Board Member, Mark Ohlau, read a statement on behalf of Vice President, Kurt Selbert, and Board Member, John Kobbeman, announcing their resignations from the board. Mark also announced his resignation

Ralph Gutowski, in the tradition started by late member, Steve Marsh, officially announced the convention is suspended until 2014.

After saying good-byes, many SWPC members went outside our hotel and enjoyed a brilliant display of fireworks at Congress Park.


Who are the Champions?

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Did you read Return of the Champions!, an article about the 2013 SWPC Convention? Click HERE to read that story.

Who are the Champions was written by SWP News Editor, Eleanor Mills. The piece was published in the Jan-Feb 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 13-14.

(Editor’s Note: Since the 2013 convention will feature returning champions, I did a bit of research to find out just which Short Wings have been named grand champions of the conventions. While some of them have changed hands, at least two of them went to current members. Some of the owners of the champions have let their membership lapse since their awards were given, but a lot of them are still in the club. Here’s your list:)

The first grand champion named at a convention was evidently N2519P, a Pacer owned by Richard Zukowitz, in 1986. Current owner is Dean Dayton

Others are as follows:

1987 N2216A, a PA-22 owned by Ken Kellogg

1988, N4597Z, a Colt owned by Wayne Richert

1989 and 1990, N2381P, a PA-22 owned by Noel Gouldsmith (in 1989 it won Best Restored, the top prize)

1991, N5796H, a PA-16 Clipper owned by Mitch Freitag (destroyed in fatal crash)

1992, N3301Z, a PA-22/20 owned by Jim and Jerry Brown

1993, N4186H, a PA-15 Vagabond owned by Mark Kaufman

1994, N4307H, a PA-15 Vagabond owned by Paul and Joan Goad

1995, N3373A, a PA-22/20 owned by Frank Sperandeo, which was rebuilt again and won again in 2002

1996, N4742Z, a Colt owned by Wicks Aircraft

1997, N6929D, a PA-22 owned by Wayne Haub. Current owner is Dave Sterling

1998, N2848P, a PA-22 owned by Kenny Brown and his partner at the time, Joe Fleeman

1999, N5351Z, a Colt owned by Scott Brunner

2000, N9803D, a PA-22 owned by Bill Miles

2001, N6937K, a PA-20 owned by John & Belinda Hudec

2002, Miss Pearl again

2003, N3915P, a PA-22/20 owned by Ralph & Sherri Smith

2004, N5834H, a PA-16 Clipper, Red Lady, owned by Gilbert & Barbara Pierce

2005, N5191Z, a Colt owned by Drew & Jim Jenkins

2006, N2641A, a PA-22 owned by Stanley Chrobak, restored by Doug and Dan Stewart, and flown by Frans Verlaeckt

2007, N7429K, a PA-20 owned by Ed and Elise Holt

2008, N4612H, a Vagabond owned by Jim and Beth Hudgin

2009, N33144A, a PA-22 owned by Rick and Carroll Michalek

2010, NC4643H, a Vagabond owned by Don Seifert

2011, N8113D, a PA-22/20 owned by Dave Hedditch

2012, N5393H, a PA-16 Clipper owned by Roni MacPherson

Return of The Champions!

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

This article was written by 2013 Convention Director, Andy Seligson, and was published in the Jan-Feb 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 10 – 13.

Peter Lubig, president of the Short Wing Piper Club, had a good idea for this year’s Short Wings Over Saratoga SWPC convention (Peter has a lot of good ideas). How about encouraging past award winners from past conventions to attend this year’s convention in Saratoga, N.Y.? I thought that was a good idea on many counts.

First of all, I have seen some amazing species of Short Wing Pipers show up at conventions going back to 1986 when I joined the Short Wing Piper Club. To be honest, I really wasn’t all that involved with Short Wing Pipers at that time.

One of my first airplane rides (that I can remember) was in a Pacer out of Ramapo Valley Airport in Spring Valley, N.Y. While my father had a Stearman (which I got my private ticket in), it was a Short Wing Piper that had a lasting impression! Three adults and a kid, flying out of an 1800 foot strip to go to Montauk, N.Y., for the beach and seafood on a summer’s day. I was in the rear and couldn’t see a thing forward (kind of like the Stearman). I used to give sight-seeing rides in a 160 hp Tri-Pacer at the old Flushing airport.

That was it until my wife and I bought our Tri-Pacer in 1986. It was basically for commuting between Westchester County and the Long Island shore where we had a beach house and flying business. I really didn’t know much about the Colt, and the rest of the SWP’s were a vague notion. I stumbled upon a Mid-Atlantic chapter meeting at the Flying W airport in South Jersey and the rest was history.

At my first convention in Oklahoma (1987?), I got to see, close up, some amazing aircraft! All the different “species” were there. I didn’t know a thing about the Vagabond. The Clippers I saw were amazing. The PA- 22/20 was a most impressive aircraft.

There were a few Tri-Pacers and Colts that had to have looked better than the day they left Lock Haven! All these award-winning convention planes were restored by some very hard- working people. Many of them were done by their owners. A lot of people do not realize that some of these planes can actually carry four adults! Some of these award winners are truly works of art. I will not mention individuals at this time, but you past winners know who you are. Some of these planes have exchanged hands over the years.

One complaint that is heard from some of our more progressive board members and general membership is that our organization could be an adjunct of AARP! Yes, I’m one of them. I can’t tell you how many times I fly into some airport in the northeast and have folks come up to my plane and ask —- what is it? The majority of the new flying population knows of the Cirrus, glass paneled Cessna, etc. Not of our amazing Short Wing Pipers.

It is partly to remedy this situation that we want to showcase the best of our breed to the aviation community. We hope to have a national (international?) aviation media concern attend our convention this summer. They have been interested in our Short Wing Pipers and the SWPC but have not had the time to do a real story on us at Sun ‘n Fun or Oshkosh. Here’s their (and our) chance. What better way to show off than to have more than one “beauty” in attendance? Besides this media organization, we will be having some of the local media (TV and print) from the Albany, N.Y., area in attendance for even more exposure. No doubt, there will be some award to a returning “past champion” at the Saratoga Convention.

We hope this can be an incentive for some of you past award winners to join us for fun and camaraderie this July 1- 4 in Saratoga, N.Y. There are certainly many past award winners this side of the Mississippi, and I know that many who hail from west of the river plan to attend. Even if you can’t make the entire convention, try to make some of it to share our “treasures” with the rest of the aviation community. Saratoga has so much to offer and to do. Your being there with your Short Wing Piper would only make it more special. I hope to see many of you in Saratoga, N.Y., this July. —- Andy

Who are the Champions? Click HERE to find out.

Bev Jewett Memorial Grand Champion Award

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013 – July 1st – 4th

The Northeast chapter of the Short Wing Piper Club announces that we will be awarding the Grand Champion award at the 2013 International SWPC convention in memory of Bev Jewett. Bev, who passed away this year, was a dear friend and very active member of the Short Wing Piper Club. He and his family were a constant presence at fly-ins and conventions for over 20 years. The enthusiasm and dedication that both he and his wife Susan had for our organization was beyond admirable!

Bev joined the Short Wing Piper Club in 1988. I was impressed with the distance he would travel to attend the Northeast chapter fly-ins. The Jewetts lived in a suburb of Montreal where he was an Air Canada captain and his wife Susan was a flight attendant. That’s a schlep for a Pacer! The Jewetts were active in the organizing of the 1993 SWPC Ellenville, N.Y. convention. Bev got at least half a dozen members from the Montreal area to join the Northeast chapter. There wasn’t much happening back then with Canadian involvement in our organization. For years, the Jewett family would make the trek down from Canada to our fly-ins. I remember one fly-in at member Zene Garnsey’s strip by the Hudson River. The whole family piled out of that Pacer and brought lobsters for my birthday! They would make a long weekend of our fly-in to the beach at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.


As the years passed, the Jewetts moved from Van Kleek Hill to Guelph, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto) to be closer to his Air Canada base of operations. They had a beautiful home (with a pool) that Gloria & I visited. I would fly up to play golf with Bev often (he was practically a scratch golfer!). I remember one time when we happened to be there when he had promised his son he would take him to a Toronto Blue Jays game. It was against the Yankees. The Yankees won. The distance from Guelph to our events was a bit much for a day trip in their Pacer. I believe it was at this time, that Bev got involved in working with others in Canada to form some kind of active chapter for our SWPC. I know that he was among those that helped organize the Kingston, Ontario SWPC convention. Whether it was at Sun & Fun, Sentimental Journey, Oshkosh, or at a SWPC convention, Bev Jewett was there and boosting the Short Wing Piper Club. He will be greatly missed! The Northeast Chapter feels it is only proper to award the Grand Champion at this year’s SWPC convention in Bev’s memory.

Submitted by Short Wings Over Saratoga Chair, Andy Seligson

2012 Convention Awards Given at the Closing Banquet

2012 Convention Awards Given at the Closing Banquet
Submitted by Eleanor Mills

As usual, one of the highlights of the convention was the annual awards announcement at the closing banquet Thursday evening. Beautiful award plaques were given to the airplane award winners and to the keynote speaker, Galen Hanselman, who talked about some of the unique people and places he had found in his survey of all of the back country strips in Utah. The plaques were of stained glass and were handmade by Cathy Perry, who also designed the convention patch and the shirts and caps available to convention-goers.

Judges Linda Cochran, Doug Stewart, David Hedditch, Adrian Geiger, Ted Fields, and Brian McGlynn judged 11 aircraft. In addition, Tee Rush, Linda Cochran, and judged the ladies’ choice.

Winner of the farthest flown (a familiar award for this winner) went to Jack and Sandy Madden of Frostproof, Fla.

The beautiful plaques for beautiful Short Wings went to:
* Best Colt, Kurt Selbert, Roseville, Calif., who is also the club vice-president
* Best PA-22/20, Krystal and Kevin Newmayer, Highland, Calif.
* Best PA-22, Kent and Deborah O’Kelly, Castle Rock, Colo.
* Best PA-20, Mark Ohlau, Sutter Creek, Calif.
* Ladies Choice, Fred and Bonnie Mayes, Lebanon, Mo.
* Best non-Piper, Jim and Candy Butler, Evansville, Ind., for his Ercoupe.

And finally, the award everyone had been waiting for, the Grand Champion of this year’s convention went to Roni McPherson’s Clipper. Roni and her husband, Stewart, live in Cardiff By The Sea, Calif.

Bill Kendrick presented the Oklahoma Utilitarian Award (for what Bill called a Short Wing that was old, used, abused, and ugly but airworthy) to Jack and Sandy Madden. Bill also said that Jim Butler was being given an honorary award for Egregious Error in Airmanship (for an airplane accident that did not result in bloodshed, one several members have received from Bill in the past).

The Chapter of the Year Award went this year to the Ohio Buckeye Chapter. The award plaque read: In recognition of contributions to the Short Wing Piper Club, the Ohio Buckeye Chapter is hereby awarded the SWPC Outstanding Chapter of the Year award for the year 2012. In addition to planning and hosting two of the most remembered SWPC annual conventions (1998 and 2010) the Buckeye chapter has an outstanding monthly newsletter and has continued to have strong support from their members, who have attended many of the annual conventions. In addition chapter members and officers have maintained an attractive and informative website, have contributed to the welfare of private aviation by cooperating with other aviation organizations by holding and participating in joint fly-ins and activities, and have in general been valuable members of the club, contributing articles to the Short Wing Piper News and serving in positions of leadership for the club.” Tom Anderson accepted the plaque on behalf of the chapter.

Two other major awards were given at the convention as two more members were inducted into the Short Wing Piper Hall of Honor — Art Weisberger and Garry Butler. Garry was not present but Clyde Grant volunteered to deliver the plaque to him.

The plaques given to both members listed the qualifications for being chosen: “In recognition of your outstanding contribution to the Short Wing Piper Club and its goal to maintain and preserve the Piper Vagabonds, Clippers, Pacers, Colts and Tri-Pacers, you have been chosen by the club to have your name included on the Short Wing Piper Club Honor Roll.” The plaques also listed the previously recognized members of the Honor Roll: Bob Fuller, Steve Marsh Ed Wach, Kurt Schneider, Larry Smith, Lonnie McLaughlin, George Fruehauf, Iris Morris, Frank Rush, Chuck Lewis, Bob and Eleanor Mills, Clyde Grant, Kent O’Kelly, John Wood, Ralph Gutowski, Tom Anderson, Cliff Van Vleet, John Beck, and Doug Stewart.

In addition, Art’s plaque reads: “Your selection was based on your outstanding contributions to the club and its members through the years as secretary for 24 years (and counting), your attendance at most of our conventions, and your cheerfully stepping in to speak or chair meetings as needed. Your outstanding service to our country as a United States Marine is also deeply appreciated and the stories you have to tell about that service — and about flying — have added to the fellowship we experience in the club.” Garry’s plaque reads: “Your selection was based on your outstanding contributions to the club and its members through the years as President (2003-2005), an at-large member of the board (2005-2009), and treasurer since 2009, along with your faithful service in helping make the Michigan Chapter one of the premier chapters of the club. The Commemorative History Book which you spearheaded stands as one of the prime achievements of our club. You stand out from the crowd as being one who ‘never says no’ when asked to serve.”

And finally, Bill Thomas, Hendersonville, N.C., won the first prize of the Poker Run, with Robert “Obie” Oberholzer taking second, and Bill Lynch, Neosho, Mo., taking third. Bill’s winning hand was a full house of aces and 10s (I think). Doug Conger, poker run director, reported that the poker run raised $270 for the Education Foundation. The meeting closed with the announcement of the Southwest Regional, to be held September 12-16 in Denver, Color, with prime attractions being a trip to Georgetown, Colo., and a tour of Univair.

Following immediately after Eleanor’s announcement of the death of long-time member and past president Steve Marsh, the convention was called to a close in his name.