Latest SWP News is Here!

The May-June 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News will be arriving in members’ mailboxes right around May 1st.

But guess what? If you are a current member of the SWPC you can access our latest issue of the Short Wing Piper News right here on our website!

But, in order to do so, you do need to be logged in to the website. 

Here’s how you log in:

  • Click on Member Login in the nav bar.
  • Enter your email address in the Email box
  • Enter your password in the Password box (don’t know your password? see FAQ section below)
  • Click on “Login”
  • And you’ll be directed to your My Account screen showing your customer information and any orders you have placed on the new website

My Account Login

If you have trouble logging in please see our FAQ just below or Contact our Web Content Manager (Myrna) at our Contact Us page.

Now that you are logged in you can access the latest issue, and back issues, of The Short Wing Piper News.

Here’s how:

  • Hover over “SWP News” in the nav bar
  • You should see a pull-down menu with “SWP News Issues”
  • Click on “SWP News Issues” and you will be redirected to a webpage
  • At that webpage you will see an image of the the latest issue of the SWP News
  • Click on the image and your computer will open a PDF of the News in a new window

SWP News Nav Bar

You can also find a link to the SWP Issues page right on the Short Wing Piper News page. If you are logged in, clicking on the link will take you directly to the SWP News Issues page.

Enjoy reading your latest issue of the Short Wing Piper News!


Logging in FAQ:

1) What’s my password?

  • If this is your first time logging in to our website your password is your member number (found on the address label of your SWP News).
  • If you’ve already visited our website you may have changed your password to something other than your member number. If so, use the password you entered into the website.

2) I do all of the things you say but still can’t log in. Why is this?

Most likely it’s one of these two reasons:

  • We’ve had a flurry of new memberships and renewals so there is a chance that your account hasn’t been activated in the website yet.
  • The email address you are using now may not be the address the SWPC office has on file

3) I still need help. I want to make sure my account has been activated. I’m not sure I’m using the email the SWPC has on file. What do I do?

  • Please email me (Myrna) through our Contact Us page. I’m listed as “Website Content Manager” at the bottom of the Department to Contact pull down menu. I check my email at least once a day, M-F, and will reply asap.
  • You can also call my cell at 612-532-3827. If I don’t answer, please leave a message and I will call back asap.

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