Lots going on – No Fooling!

It’s April Fools Day and a lot of people post jokes on their websites and blogs on this fun day but I’m not clever enough to come up with something to fool you all. So instead of a joke I thought I would share with you something that struck me as awfully cool about our great Short Wing Piper Club and our new website: We have a lot of great stuff going on – No Fooling!

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on with the SWPC:

Events – Just yesterday I posted three new chapter events that the Oklahoma chapter is hosting and one SWPC sponsored event. All of the events look like fun! Take a look at the Event Calendar and see if there is an event you can attend and be sure to send me any new events you’d like to see on the calendar.

Forums – Our forums are alive and well and getting more and more activity all the time. Be sure to head over there and check them out. You do need a separate login to get into the forums because they are essentially a different website that we link to – but we’re working on changing that. Be sure to read the recent SWPC Forums Update post for information about logging in

Sun-n-Fun – Did you know that the SWPC has a presence at Sun-n-Fun? Our Florida chapter represents us well and is on hand in the type club area answering questions about the Club and handing out information. Chapter president, Peter Lubig, will be presenting a forum this year as well. Stay tuned for a post just about Sun-n-Fun that I will post in the next few days.

Classifieds  – Looking for a great deal on an airplane or some parts? Members are now posting ads in our Classifieds section. Check our Classifieds for a great deal!

Free Gifts – Another great benefit to SWPC members is our Free Gift program. Be sure to check out President Peter Lubig’s latest post about our April 18th Free Gift Giveaway

Website – yes, our old website is gone and our new website is now up and running.THANK YOU for your patience as we figure out a few things here and get things going 100%. We’re still working on our online convention registration form and there are some tweaks going on with member login. I’ll be posting more information about member login very soon!

There’s much more going on in our wonderful Short Wing Piper Club and on our website than I mentioned, of course. Just browse around the website to check things out – we’re adding new things almost every day.

Best to all of you!

~Myrna – SWPC Website Content Manager

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