Planned Programs and Speakers

A West Coast Adventure – SWPC Convention 2014

June 22 – 27, 2014

From the NorCal Convention Committee
also published in the Jan-Feb-March issue of the Short Wing Piper News

Currently, eight aviation speakers are planned to address SWPC Members and guests at our Santa Maria Convention. Topics promise a wonderful adventure for all. Presentations will be in the Radisson Hotel and/or on the Ramp. Updated agendas will be available online at the SWPC Website and at registration.

Programs are planned to begin on Sunday afternoon, June 22, and end on Friday Morning, June 27, 2014.

Sunday begins with Young Eagle Flights sponsored by the Lompoc EAA Chapter, coordinated by EAA and SWPC Member Ed Mandibles. This event features the first collaborative educational effort with Short Wing Piper flights and EAA Young Eagles. Participate from 10 am to 2 pm and see how easy it is to coordinate Young Eagles with SWPs. Take this knowledge and effort home with you and get those SWPs out there and flying kids across this great country and please keep score! Collecting data may bring additional grant monies into our Education Foundation and students, too. And your Young Eagle may be back in a few years to help with another SWPC Convention ….

Sunday afternoon presents Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) President, John McKenna, Jr. He and the RAF are devoted to saving airstrips on public and private lands. John plans an overview of RAF’s operations, a progressive status report, and hopes for the future of forgotten airstrips.

Monday holds an exciting and informative afternoon Vendor Presentation & Workshop by Jeppesen regarding “I-Pad Use and Flight Planning Applications.” This workshop promises to challenge even the most fluent of iPad users with the latest aviation Apps available while calming the new user with the ease of introductions. This is a hands-on workshop using their recently announced VFR Flight Planning system. Fun!

Tuesday opens with a 0900 Topic of “Oh S_ _ T, Now What?” Presented by Ed Mandibles, local PA-22 owner/pilot and SWPC NorCal Chapter Member. This topic will cover those moments we have all experienced – at least once. Ed will begin with his Tri-Pacer’s altitude duel with a P3 on long approach to VAFB descending over Lompoc. Your experiences are encouraged for all to listen and learn about those unmentionables that may have happened, hypothetically speaking. Following Ed is the SWPC Tech Committee in Panel format leading Tuesday’s second Program, Hangar Talk. This is your opportunity to bring it on! Your Tech Committee will field your maintenance and repair concerns from one to another as the questions are tossed about and discussion presents a resolve.

Wednesday greets two more Tech Programs: Clyde Smith’s Short Wing Piper Rigging and Jim McCloud’s “How To … with Short Wing Piper Floats.” Clyde will present relative rigging information and then, step out onto the Ramp to give interested attendees an evaluation of their SWP’s rigging. You will come away with Clyde’s “5-minute Inspection” that will assist in your future rigging evaluations. Then, Jim will be sharing his PA-22/20 on Floats experiences and the joy of Splashing puddles. He may have you considering the Float alternative.

Thursday’s first program is planned with Mike Busch, a writer for EAA Sport Aviation. Mike will take us into the magneto world: how to check for acceptable contact, problems and performance expectations. Then, out onto the Ramp we will go to review a hands-on activity for checking magnetos and their readiness to perform. Our evening Banquet guest and Jeppesen sponsored speaker is Brian Shul, former Sled Driver, current professional photographer, and a forever survivor. Buckle up as Brian takes you into the cockpit of the SR-71 and shows you the sights that only astronauts enjoy. His published books will also be available for purchase and signing following his presentation.

Friday requests the pleasure of your company at our breakfast meeting. Evaluating this convention and discussing what you would like to see and experience in Branson MO 2015 is the goal. Your assistance will help your Club to develop our Annual Meetings into what you prefer. We want to see you every year. This is our Reunion. Let us know how we can keep you coming back.

There will be a survey distributed at the Banquet. Please, complete it with your comments and suggestions. On Friday morning we will begin with those results.

Events for September 28 & 29, 2013

Fall is a great time for flying so if you are looking for somewhere to go this weekend there are a couple of Short Wing friendly events coming up – a Fly-in Bean Dinner in Oklahoma with the Oklahoma SWPC Chapter and a Sentimental Journey Fly-in Breakfast at William T. Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) in Pennsylvania.

Click HERE for more information on the Oklahoma Fly-in Bean Dinner

Click HERE for more information on the Sentimental Journey Fly-in Breakfast

Be sure to check our Events Calendar from time to time  to see what else is going on.

Have an event that you think should be on our Events Calendar? Please contact our Website Content Manager through our Contact Us page.

Thanks to Roger Southwick for this picture which he took at a fly-in lunch at SkyHarbor Airpark in Minnesota.
Thanks to Roger Southwick for this picture which he took at a fly-in lunch at SkyHarbor Airpark in Minnesota.

Convention 2013 Schedule Details

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013 – July 1st – 4th

This information, submitted by Convention 2013 chair, Andy Seligson, can also be found in the May/June issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 28-32.

Note – you can also check our Convention Schedule for detailed information on each day’s events.

There was a time when we in the northeast had a frequent saying. It was something like – “we have plenty of time.” That time is now! The 2013 SWPC Convention is just around the corner. Registrations are starting to come in. I’m sure that when you can register & pay online from our new website, the speed of the process will increase! I hope you’ve seen and navigated the new site; it’s wonderful. Hats off to Myrna Mibus! To put on a convention like ours is a daunting experience. I’d like to thank Rico Cannone, Steve Sevits, Tom & Amber McKernan, Amy & Stan Smith, David Adams, and the usual cast of characters for all their time and effort!

We have narrowed down some of the specifics (schedule) for this affair. As they say in one of the industries that I am part of (show business) – “Program subject to change.” Some of these events/times are set in stone; some of these in gravel. When you arrange a program/seminar with a concern that changes ownership and the new owner is not interested, what do you do? Following is a good idea of the final schedule. Remember that arrivals will probably be starting Sunday June 30 & Monday July 1st. The Holiday Inn’s convention rates start on (I believe) Sunday.

Monday July 1st

Arrivals all day. Registration at Holiday Inn. Executive Board meeting at Holiday Inn will begin at 2:00 pm and should last about an hour and a half. The general membership  is welcome. It should be noted that this is a Board meeting and member input will only be entertained when asked for from the chair. The purpose of this meeting is to conduct Board business. At 5:00 pm, there will be a meet & greet with a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres at the Holiday Inn in the lounge and patio. Dinner is on your own. As we’ve said before, Saratoga has it all when it comes to food. From McDonalds to gourmet restaurants are an easy walk from the hotel, which has a pretty good restaurant itself.

Tuesday July 2nd

The bus tour of the Saratoga National Battlefield Park will be from 9 – 12. Upon our return to theHoliday Inn, the Members Luncheon will run from approximately 12:45 – 2:15. Our guest speaker at the luncheon will be SWPC member #1 – Robert Fuller. Following the luncheon will be the annual Membership Meeting. One of the items on the agenda is the formal presentation from the folks hosting next summer’s convention in California. At approximately 4-4:30 President Peter Lubig will present a seminar on aerial photography. This should be a popular event. Do you have time to breathe yet? Dinner is on your own.

Wednesday July 3rd

For some of us lucky souls, the chapter Presidents meeting will take place at 7:00 am at the Holiday Inn under the direction of our new Chapter Coordinator Adolph Svec. I’m sure there will be a lot to discuss about chapters in the SWPC. What with new chapters being formed/resurrected, inactive chapters, how our by-laws pertain to chapters, and a new Chapter Coordinator, there will be a lively discussion. There will also be some sort of continental breakfast provided. Wednesday morning will also be the planned time for our Poker Run. The exact time will be determined. If weather gets in the way, we’ll try again on Thursday morning. We encourage anyone with a plane who is going to participate and has an empty seat, to offer it to a member who didn’t fly to Saratoga. This goes for any flying activity. If you plan on going flying and have an empty seat, please offer it to someone. We will have an information board at the Holiday Inn where pilots can post any flight and potential passengers looking for a flight. There probably will be a seminar on Aviation Weather at some time in the early afternoon. It will be presented by Randy Colvin, a senior FSS briefer. The evening’s activity starts in late afternoon with a trip to Lake George for the Lake George Dinner Cruise. Buses will depart the Holiday Inn about 4:45 pm and the boat returns to the dock about 8:30 with a return to the Holiday Inn around 9:15.

Thursday July 4th

This our “free day” with no real planned activity until the banquet in the evening. One suggestion was a flight up Lake George & Lake Champlain to the Basin Harbor resort for lunch. This resort has a wonderful 3000′ turf strip adjacent to its Red Mill restaurant. The scenery, location, and food are well worth the trip. For those that want a longer trip, you could fly down the Hudson River all the way to New York City and see the spectacular skyline & Statue of Liberty. We’ve done this a couple of times at previous conventions as a planned group flight. It is approximately a 2 hour each way excursion, so you are on your own. One should consult the NY Terminal chart for procedures to fly in the Hudson River exclusion (or ask me). The Closing Banquet will be in the evening at a time to be determined. We are trying to coordinate this with the Saratoga fireworks display which is right outside the hotel’s door in the park. We will have awards from the aircraft judging as we’ll as any other awards, results of the election for SWPC President, any pertinent speeches, and our guest speaker Troy Hamon. He will have a presentation about flight training in Alaska and his book 14 Days To Alaska. My feeling on the timing for the banquet is that the fireworks would have to be after sundown. As soon as we can determine the time of that event, we can work around it.

Friday July 5th will be the departure date.

We encourage all who attend to view the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce website for the many attractions, museums, galleries, shopping, and restaurants that are very close to the Holiday Inn. We had hoped for a seminar (on site) on crafts & jewelry, presented by a local store. That was the company that changed ownership. I’m sure that many of our women could easily walk into the village and do some major damage in the many shops, boutiques, & galleries. We are still trying to arrange something along these lines for our women. The many activities for children has been addressed in a separate article. If a group of women (of course men are included) want to have a tour of the nearby Museum of Dance, we can arrange that.

Car rentals for people flying into Albany, N.Y. commercially was discussed in another article. For those flying into Saratoga (5B2), we have made arrangements with Enterprise (518-587-0687) for a discounted rate. You must tell them that you are flying into North American (FBO). They have a discounted rate. On top of that, if you are a member of AOPA or EAA, give them the Enterprise code and they will take off even more from North American’s rate. While the hotel gave us a good rate for “high season” I think the car rental rate is compatibly higher. If you can find a better rate from another agency – take it.

We are encouraging all who attend to purchase the shirts and caps with the convention logo. This information is on the registration form. Yes we will always need volunteers for various things like aircraft parking, registration, shuttle van drivers from the hotel to the airport, etc. In the matter of airport parking, bring your own tied down ropes! There is no parking on any grass area. There are tie down rings on the ramp to attach your ropes to. We are also asking (begging) for donations of any door prizes to be raffled away. While we are asking for aviation related things, any reasonable item will be much appreciated. These can be sent to me at: Andrew Seligson 331 Westchester Avenue Yonkers, N.Y. 10707. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: or H: 914-337-2968 or C: 914-522-3341. We are looking forward to having a good time with you all this July! Safe flying to you all.

Lots going on – No Fooling!

It’s April Fools Day and a lot of people post jokes on their websites and blogs on this fun day but I’m not clever enough to come up with something to fool you all. So instead of a joke I thought I would share with you something that struck me as awfully cool about our great Short Wing Piper Club and our new website: We have a lot of great stuff going on – No Fooling!

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on with the SWPC:

Events – Just yesterday I posted three new chapter events that the Oklahoma chapter is hosting and one SWPC sponsored event. All of the events look like fun! Take a look at the Event Calendar and see if there is an event you can attend and be sure to send me any new events you’d like to see on the calendar.

Forums – Our forums are alive and well and getting more and more activity all the time. Be sure to head over there and check them out. You do need a separate login to get into the forums because they are essentially a different website that we link to – but we’re working on changing that. Be sure to read the recent SWPC Forums Update post for information about logging in

Sun-n-Fun – Did you know that the SWPC has a presence at Sun-n-Fun? Our Florida chapter represents us well and is on hand in the type club area answering questions about the Club and handing out information. Chapter president, Peter Lubig, will be presenting a forum this year as well. Stay tuned for a post just about Sun-n-Fun that I will post in the next few days.

Classifieds  – Looking for a great deal on an airplane or some parts? Members are now posting ads in our Classifieds section. Check our Classifieds for a great deal!

Free Gifts – Another great benefit to SWPC members is our Free Gift program. Be sure to check out President Peter Lubig’s latest post about our April 18th Free Gift Giveaway

Website – yes, our old website is gone and our new website is now up and running.THANK YOU for your patience as we figure out a few things here and get things going 100%. We’re still working on our online convention registration form and there are some tweaks going on with member login. I’ll be posting more information about member login very soon!

There’s much more going on in our wonderful Short Wing Piper Club and on our website than I mentioned, of course. Just browse around the website to check things out – we’re adding new things almost every day.

Best to all of you!

~Myrna – SWPC Website Content Manager

New Events Calendar

I’m excited to let you know our Short Wing Piper Club website has a new feature – an Events Calendar.

We can use this calendar to post  SWPC events, SWPC Chapter events and Aviation events that will be of interest to SWPC members. We’ve got several events posted on the calendar already: our Short Wings Over Saratoga convention, AirVenture, Sun-n-Fun and some Sentimental Journey events as well. I’m hoping this calendar will be a good resource for our members and visitors to our website. I’ll be looking to you for events to add to the calendar and will let you know how to do that later in this post.

First – to find our Events Calendar, just click on the Events link in the blue nav bar near the top of the page.

When you click on that link ( you will be directed to a page with a full-sized calendar. This month’s calendar will be on the screen. You can navigate to other months if you click on the arrows near the top left of the calendar.

If you prefer, you can browse our events in a list format. Just click on the Event List box near the top right of the calendar to go to the event listing. Here’s a small image of what the Event List looks like. You can click on the image to go directly to the page.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 3.52.15 PM

If you want to know more information about an event, click on the event title in either the Event List or on the Calendar and you will get a page with more specific event information.

You can also post comments on an event if you have more information to add to the listing or want to connect with others attending the event. For example, if you are planning to fly to Sun-n-Fun and want to meet other SWPC members there you can post a comment saying where you are going to be camping or where another SWPC member might find you.

We don’t have many events listed thus far – but I’m hoping we can get more events posted with your help!

If your SWPC Chapter has an event or if you know about an aviation event that would be of interest to the Short Wing Piper Club community, please contact me through our Contact Us page (I’m listed near the bottom of the pull-down menu as Website Content Manager)

Here’s the information I’ll need to know:

  • the event name
  • short description of event
  • type of event (Aviation Event, SWPC Chapter Event, SWPC Event – I can also add other categories like workshops, seminars etc.
  • date(s) of event
  • time event will be held or note if it’s an all day event
  • location of event including address, if available
  • contact person, if applicable, along with contact email and/or phone #
  • event website address, if available
  • cost to participate, if known

At some point in the future, we may be able to expand this Events Calendar feature so SWPC members can post events on their own and not have to send me the information.

All for now!

Myrna CG Mibus – SWPC Website Content Manager




A new aviation oriented social app is winging its way across iPads, iPods and Android devices nationwide.  It is called SocialFlight.

Signup is easy and the application is free. For further information, here is the story as posted on AvWeb.

Recently, the newly formed California chapter of the Short Wing Piper Club posted their January 2013 event on Socialflight and it is hoped that the entire club looks at this application as a way for chapters and members to announce their aviation activities.

Kurt Selbert – SWPC Vice President

For a visual image of how the app works and what it looks  like, here is how the California SWPC event first shows up in SocialFlight:
Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 5.21.43 PM
A SocialFlight user then clicks on the airplane icon in the map to see more information on the event:
Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 5.27.19 PM
Clicking again will bring user to a screen with more detailed event information:
Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 5.21.17 PM