April 18th Free Gift Drawing

Just in case you missed reading about this on the SWPC Forums (listed under Secret-Gift April 18th, 2013), SWPC President, Peter Lubig announced another SWPC Free Gift Drawing!

This Free Gift includes two great items for your Short Wing Piper: a MaxPulse Dimmer switch (a dimmer rheostat for your instrument panel lights) and SWPC member Tom Anderson’s LED Panel lights.

The Draw Date for the Free Gift is April 18th, 2013

Remember – you must be a current member to enter this Free Gift drawing.

Here’s how to enter:

Send an email to: [email protected]

In the subject bar put in the name of the gift, “MaxPulse,” and your membership number. That’s all you have to do

Your name will then be put in our drawing for this great gift.


Just wait until you hear about the June 18th gift, it will knock your socks OFF!!!!





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