Who are the Champions?

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Did you read Return of the Champions!, an article about the 2013 SWPC Convention? Click HERE to read that story.

Who are the Champions was written by SWP News Editor, Eleanor Mills. The piece was published in the Jan-Feb 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 13-14.

(Editor’s Note: Since the 2013 convention will feature returning champions, I did a bit of research to find out just which Short Wings have been named grand champions of the conventions. While some of them have changed hands, at least two of them went to current members. Some of the owners of the champions have let their membership lapse since their awards were given, but a lot of them are still in the club. Here’s your list:)

The first grand champion named at a convention was evidently N2519P, a Pacer owned by Richard Zukowitz, in 1986. Current owner is Dean Dayton

Others are as follows:

1987 N2216A, a PA-22 owned by Ken Kellogg

1988, N4597Z, a Colt owned by Wayne Richert

1989 and 1990, N2381P, a PA-22 owned by Noel Gouldsmith (in 1989 it won Best Restored, the top prize)

1991, N5796H, a PA-16 Clipper owned by Mitch Freitag (destroyed in fatal crash)

1992, N3301Z, a PA-22/20 owned by Jim and Jerry Brown

1993, N4186H, a PA-15 Vagabond owned by Mark Kaufman

1994, N4307H, a PA-15 Vagabond owned by Paul and Joan Goad

1995, N3373A, a PA-22/20 owned by Frank Sperandeo, which was rebuilt again and won again in 2002

1996, N4742Z, a Colt owned by Wicks Aircraft

1997, N6929D, a PA-22 owned by Wayne Haub. Current owner is Dave Sterling

1998, N2848P, a PA-22 owned by Kenny Brown and his partner at the time, Joe Fleeman

1999, N5351Z, a Colt owned by Scott Brunner

2000, N9803D, a PA-22 owned by Bill Miles

2001, N6937K, a PA-20 owned by John & Belinda Hudec

2002, Miss Pearl again

2003, N3915P, a PA-22/20 owned by Ralph & Sherri Smith

2004, N5834H, a PA-16 Clipper, Red Lady, owned by Gilbert & Barbara Pierce

2005, N5191Z, a Colt owned by Drew & Jim Jenkins

2006, N2641A, a PA-22 owned by Stanley Chrobak, restored by Doug and Dan Stewart, and flown by Frans Verlaeckt

2007, N7429K, a PA-20 owned by Ed and Elise Holt

2008, N4612H, a Vagabond owned by Jim and Beth Hudgin

2009, N33144A, a PA-22 owned by Rick and Carroll Michalek

2010, NC4643H, a Vagabond owned by Don Seifert

2011, N8113D, a PA-22/20 owned by Dave Hedditch

2012, N5393H, a PA-16 Clipper owned by Roni MacPherson

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