April Free Gift Winner Announced

Here’s a brief President’s Update  to announce the winner of the April 18th Free Gift!

This Free Gift included two great items for your Short Wing Piper: a MaxPulse Dimmer switch (a dimmer rheostat for your instrument panel lights) and SWPC member Tom Anderson’s LED Panel lights.

The winner of these fabulous free gifts is SWPC member Dale Clarkson from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Congratulations, Dale!


Here’s a link to the MaxPulse website with more information about one of the prizes:http://www.maxpulsemaxdim.com/maxdimMicro.htm

Thanks to MaxPulse and to SWPC member Tom Anderson for donating prizes to this Free Gift drawing.

Guess what? We have Free Gift offerings every couple of months and will post information on our next Free Gift offering soon!




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