VP & Treasurer Positions up for Election

Here’s a note from our Short Wing Piper News editor, Eleanor Mills, which was published in the November/December 2014 issue of the SWP News. 

Put your thinking caps on and check out the 2014 SWPC Nomination Form on page 90 of this issue [please see attachment link below]. Two officers are up for election — for the vice presidency and the treasurer’s position. You can nominate the incumbents if you think they have done a good job, you can nominate yourself if you want to help the club in either of those positions, or you can nominate someone else you think would do a good job. It’s one of the chances you have during the year to make your voice heard. (Voting in the election is another one, and so is just sending off an email to the board with your comments or questions.)


To print, click on the 2014 SWPC Nomination Form to open in a new window.

Nominations must be received by SWPC Recording Secretary, Art Weisberger,  no later than January 10th

2014 Nomination Form


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