VP & Treasurer Positions up for Election

Here’s a note from our Short Wing Piper News editor, Eleanor Mills, which was published in the November/December 2014 issue of the SWP News. 

Put your thinking caps on and check out the 2014 SWPC Nomination Form on page 90 of this issue [please see attachment link below]. Two officers are up for election — for the vice presidency and the treasurer’s position. You can nominate the incumbents if you think they have done a good job, you can nominate yourself if you want to help the club in either of those positions, or you can nominate someone else you think would do a good job. It’s one of the chances you have during the year to make your voice heard. (Voting in the election is another one, and so is just sending off an email to the board with your comments or questions.)


To print, click on the 2014 SWPC Nomination Form to open in a new window.

Nominations must be received by SWPC Recording Secretary, Art Weisberger,  no later than January 10th

2014 Nomination Form


Education Foundation Donation Honors Daughter's Solo Flight

Here’s some news from Larry Jenkins, our SWP Education Foundation Director about a wonderful donation to the Education Foundation.

Larry writes, “Isaac Faibisoff made a nice donation to the Education Foundation honoring his daughter Ruti for her first solo in a glider on 27 October 2013.  What a novel idea.  We do still have young people who love aviation, and with a parent’s strong support, I feel sure we will hear of even greater accomplishments by Ruti in the future.  Our warmest congratulations to Ruti, and now that you have made this aviation accomplishment, we wish you even higher altitudes, in aviation, with blue skies!”

Here's a picture of Ruti beside the 2-33A she just soloed in, right after her landing.
Here’s a picture of Ruti beside the 2-33A she just soloed in, right after her landing.

If you want to make a donation in honor of someone, visit our Donate to the Education Foundation page at our Store.

If you make a donation to honor someone’s aviation accomplishment, we’d love to hear the details! Send details (pictures and even a short story would be great, too!) to our Education Foundation Director, Larry Jenkins. You can contact Larry though our Contact Us page.

In Memory of Lew Porter

It is with great sadness that the SWPC Board announces the passing of one of our Short Wing Family members, Lew Porter.

For those of you who may not have known Lew and his involvement with the SWPC, Lew served as the SWPC Chapter Coordinator from 2002 until just recently when his illness, mesothelioma (a type of cancer) forced him to step down from that position. Lew and his wife, Lily, have been members of the club since 1989 and members of the Mid-Atlantic chapter. Both Lew and Lily attended almost all of the annual SWPC Conventions as well.

Here is an excerpt of a message that Lily sent to our Membership Chair and SWP News Editor, Eleanor Mills:

Dear Eleanor and all friends at the Short Wing Piper Club,

So sorry to tell you that Lewis passed away on Sat. 18th of May at 9:15 p.m. after being surrounded by the family and was very alert and saying prayers and was in good spirits.  … Lewis will be greatly missed by ME, the family and all who knew him!!

Lots of love to one and all, Lily

You can read Lew Porter’s obituary if you click HERE

Our current Chapter Coordinator, Adolph Svec, has this memory to share of Lew:

I will miss waiting for him to board the bus at this year’s convention. Khaki shorts, an SWPC convention shirt de jour, white socks standing tall, sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat and an ice cream cone is the image that comes to mind.  And always a smile, steeped in kind words……a gentleman indeed.  Godspeed, Lew.


Bev Jewett Memorial Grand Champion Award

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013 – July 1st – 4th

The Northeast chapter of the Short Wing Piper Club announces that we will be awarding the Grand Champion award at the 2013 International SWPC convention in memory of Bev Jewett. Bev, who passed away this year, was a dear friend and very active member of the Short Wing Piper Club. He and his family were a constant presence at fly-ins and conventions for over 20 years. The enthusiasm and dedication that both he and his wife Susan had for our organization was beyond admirable!

Bev joined the Short Wing Piper Club in 1988. I was impressed with the distance he would travel to attend the Northeast chapter fly-ins. The Jewetts lived in a suburb of Montreal where he was an Air Canada captain and his wife Susan was a flight attendant. That’s a schlep for a Pacer! The Jewetts were active in the organizing of the 1993 SWPC Ellenville, N.Y. convention. Bev got at least half a dozen members from the Montreal area to join the Northeast chapter. There wasn’t much happening back then with Canadian involvement in our organization. For years, the Jewett family would make the trek down from Canada to our fly-ins. I remember one fly-in at member Zene Garnsey’s strip by the Hudson River. The whole family piled out of that Pacer and brought lobsters for my birthday! They would make a long weekend of our fly-in to the beach at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.


As the years passed, the Jewetts moved from Van Kleek Hill to Guelph, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto) to be closer to his Air Canada base of operations. They had a beautiful home (with a pool) that Gloria & I visited. I would fly up to play golf with Bev often (he was practically a scratch golfer!). I remember one time when we happened to be there when he had promised his son he would take him to a Toronto Blue Jays game. It was against the Yankees. The Yankees won. The distance from Guelph to our events was a bit much for a day trip in their Pacer. I believe it was at this time, that Bev got involved in working with others in Canada to form some kind of active chapter for our SWPC. I know that he was among those that helped organize the Kingston, Ontario SWPC convention. Whether it was at Sun & Fun, Sentimental Journey, Oshkosh, or at a SWPC convention, Bev Jewett was there and boosting the Short Wing Piper Club. He will be greatly missed! The Northeast Chapter feels it is only proper to award the Grand Champion at this year’s SWPC convention in Bev’s memory.

Submitted by Short Wings Over Saratoga Chair, Andy Seligson