Website Progress Report 3/6/13

Hello again! It’s time for another quick progress report to let you know what’s happening with the new SWPC Website.

  • We’re getting great feedback and many compliments on the new site
  • We’re just about ready to “go live” with the SWPC Store so you can purchase great SWPC merchandise
  • We’ve had over 1,000 people visit our site so far (77 visited the page today!)

All great stuff!! However, I am sorry to say we still don’t have our Member Login part of the site working quite yet.

But don’t panic!!  The website works just fine and you can navigate the site without being logged in!!

All that you CAN’T do right now is log in, purchase or renew a membership and check to see when your membership expires.

Even though the membership login is not yet working you CAN log in to the forums using your current forum login user name and password. If you don’t have your login information please contact Forum Admin Kurt Selbert at [email protected] and he will help you out.

I’m meeting with our website designer to get this Membership thing figured out on Thursday morning. Rest assured, we’re going to get that part of the website working as soon as possible!

THANK YOU for your patience as we get our new website fully up and running.

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