Technical Documents Now on our SWPC Website!

Here’s an exciting announcement – most of our extensive collection of Short Wing Piper technical documents are now up on our website available for SWPC Members to view and download!

The documents were on our old website but were rather difficult to find as they were buried in the Forums and most people didn’t know where they were. Now, however, they are easy to find through our Technical page and can be viewed by SWPC members! You will find at our Maintenance Data Depot an extensive collection of ADs, Type Certificate Data Sheets, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, Service Memos and a collection of Miscellaneous Maintenance documents. Soon to come are more ADs as well as STCs and 337s.

Not only are the documents easy to find, they are well organized due to the great volunteer work of Tom Anderson and Ralph Gutowski who put in many hours on this project. Thanks Tom and Ralph!

In order to view the documents, you must be a current SWPC member and logged in on our website. If you don’t remember how to log in, click HERE for instructions.

Just a note: If you just joined the SWPC, it may take a day or two for you to get set up in the website’s system so you can access the Maintenance Data Depot.

Please also note: These forms and data are made available “As Is,” without any claim or guarantee as to fitness or applicability. Use of this data is the sole responsibility of the user who holds-harmless the Short Wing Piper Club, its officers, and members, who provided the information. By using these data, the user accepts these terms and conditions.

Here are three different ways to find the Maintenance Data Depot main page:

  • Click on the Technical Page menu where you will find a link to the Maintenance Data Depot page. Click on the link to find the Maintenance Data Depot.
  • Navigate directly to the Maintenance Data Depot page through the Technical pull down menu in the blue navigation bar at the top of any website page
  • Click HERE and go directly to the Maintenance Data Depot.

MX Data Depot visual


Get the Latest SWPC Convention (& other) News via Email!

The 2013 Short Wings Over Saratoga Convention is just days away!  Have you been wondering how you are going to stay up to date with what is going on in New York? Well, the website is going to be a great resource for you whether you are at the convention or just wishing you could be there.

We’ll be posting Convention news on our  website as well as pictures of airplanes and people having fun on our Latest News page. The Latest News page also shows non-convention news – though during the week of Short Wings Over Saratoga pretty much all  news will be Convention news – so if you want to just to a Convention News only page, click on the Latest Convention News link under SWPC Convention in the blue navigation bar near the top of the website.

That’s all great, but have you ever wished you could get the latest SWPC news delivered right to your email in box?

Well, guess what? We have a new website feature that will send all Latest News posts right to your email!

You can now subscribe to our Latest News posts if you enter your email address in the box below “Get our Latest News Posts via email” found in the gray section at the bottom of our website. Once you do this, you click on  “Subscribe” and will get a message saying you should check your email for a message directing you to confirm your subscription and then you’ll get all of the latest Short Wing Piper Club news right in your email box!

Easy enough!

If you want step-by-step directions (with pictures) on how to subscribe to the Latest News posts via email we’ve got all of the information right here.

Subscribe box

  • Enter your email address in the Email Address box (see image above)
  • Click on Subscribe
  • You’ll see a note on your screen that says “An email was just sent to confirm your subscription. Please find the email now and click activate to start subscribing.” (see below)

Subscribe confirmation


  • Now check your email inbox and you should have a message from Short Wing Piper Club with a subject line stating: [Subscribe] Confirmed Subscription to Posts on Short Wing Piper Club
  • The email text will say “Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the site Short Wing Piper Club ( and will receive an email notification when a new post is made.
  • That’s all you have to do!

Here’s what that your email might look like (see below)

 Subscribe email

As you can see, there are things you can click on and check out if you want to.

You can click on Manage Subscriptions which, if you do, will direct you to a page with a you a message that your subscription was activated. Also, if you follow other WordPress websites (our website is “built” with software called WordPress), you will see  your list of websites you follow.

You can also immediately Unsubscribe from getting the SWPC posts if you decide you don’t want to get our Latest News via email. There’s also information on how to cancel your subscription in the future, if you decide to do so.

What will my Latest News post look like when I get it in my email inbox?

Depending on your email program, your Latest News post might look something like this (see below). You should be able to click on the title of the Latest News post and go directly to the website. Clicking on other links in the website should also direct you their corresponding websites as well.

Example Latest News email
Example of what a Latest News post might look like when it arrives in your email

How to Log in to our SWPC Website

As you can tell, the SWPC Website is up and running! We are updating information frequently, especially in our Latest News section of the site. You can use almost all of the website without logging in but there are some members only pages that you can only access when logged in, such as viewing issues of the Short Wing Piper News.

So if you haven’t logged in to the website yet, give it a try!

In short, your login is your email address and your password is your SWPC membership number.

**Please note** You must have an email address on file with SWPC Membership in order to log in to the website. If you have an email address but do not have it on file the Club, please contact Eleanor or Myrna with your email address.

Here’s low you log in:

  • Click on Member Login in the blue nav bar near the top of the page. You will get a screen with My Account and Login on it with boxes for Email and Password below that
  • Enter your email address in the Email box
  • Enter your password in the Password box. Your password is your member number (found on the mailing label of your Short Wing Piper News)
  • Click on “Login”
  • You’ll be directed to your My Account screen showing your customer information.
  • If you want to change your password to something other than your member number you can do it near the bottom of the My Account screen.

My Account Login

Problems logging in? Please contact  your Website Content Manager, for help  through our Contact Us page.

As a reminder, the SWPC Forum section of the website is actually a different website so it requires a different login from the main website. For information on how to log in to the Forums, please contact our Forum Administrator at:


Latest SWP News is Here!

The May-June 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News will be arriving in members’ mailboxes right around May 1st.

But guess what? If you are a current member of the SWPC you can access our latest issue of the Short Wing Piper News right here on our website!

But, in order to do so, you do need to be logged in to the website. 

Here’s how you log in:

  • Click on Member Login in the nav bar.
  • Enter your email address in the Email box
  • Enter your password in the Password box (don’t know your password? see FAQ section below)
  • Click on “Login”
  • And you’ll be directed to your My Account screen showing your customer information and any orders you have placed on the new website

My Account Login

If you have trouble logging in please see our FAQ just below or Contact our Web Content Manager (Myrna) at our Contact Us page.

Now that you are logged in you can access the latest issue, and back issues, of The Short Wing Piper News.

Here’s how:

  • Hover over “SWP News” in the nav bar
  • You should see a pull-down menu with “SWP News Issues”
  • Click on “SWP News Issues” and you will be redirected to a webpage
  • At that webpage you will see an image of the the latest issue of the SWP News
  • Click on the image and your computer will open a PDF of the News in a new window

SWP News Nav Bar

You can also find a link to the SWP Issues page right on the Short Wing Piper News page. If you are logged in, clicking on the link will take you directly to the SWP News Issues page.

Enjoy reading your latest issue of the Short Wing Piper News!


Logging in FAQ:

1) What’s my password?

  • If this is your first time logging in to our website your password is your member number (found on the address label of your SWP News).
  • If you’ve already visited our website you may have changed your password to something other than your member number. If so, use the password you entered into the website.

2) I do all of the things you say but still can’t log in. Why is this?

Most likely it’s one of these two reasons:

  • We’ve had a flurry of new memberships and renewals so there is a chance that your account hasn’t been activated in the website yet.
  • The email address you are using now may not be the address the SWPC office has on file

3) I still need help. I want to make sure my account has been activated. I’m not sure I’m using the email the SWPC has on file. What do I do?

  • Please email me (Myrna) through our Contact Us page. I’m listed as “Website Content Manager” at the bottom of the Department to Contact pull down menu. I check my email at least once a day, M-F, and will reply asap.
  • You can also call my cell at 612-532-3827. If I don’t answer, please leave a message and I will call back asap.

SWPC Forums update

Here’s a bit of news about our SWPC Forums from our forum moderator, Kurt Selbert.

Hello everyone,

I am sending out messages to all registered users of the SWPC web forums.  We have a new website,, and the web forums have been reorganized and updated for user convenience.  Yes, there is still the requirement to have a separate log in for the main site and forums, for now.

A note on logging in to the new web site itself, that process is still being finalized, so your old username and password won’t work.  But, you can do everything as a “guest” except rent tools, so it isn’t really limiting.  Information on how to log in to the main site will be sent out to all members in the next few weeks.

Now I know this will reach many of you who left the club a few years back, some vowing never to return (I was one of those). But, something drew me back and I’m hoping it will you, too.

One of the big problems these forums faced in past years was an inability for many people to log in and thus be able to post, and that is unfortunate. If though you feel like coming back and are unable to log in, please send an email and we can get you squared away asap.

Take care,

SWPC Forums

New Events Calendar

I’m excited to let you know our Short Wing Piper Club website has a new feature – an Events Calendar.

We can use this calendar to post  SWPC events, SWPC Chapter events and Aviation events that will be of interest to SWPC members. We’ve got several events posted on the calendar already: our Short Wings Over Saratoga convention, AirVenture, Sun-n-Fun and some Sentimental Journey events as well. I’m hoping this calendar will be a good resource for our members and visitors to our website. I’ll be looking to you for events to add to the calendar and will let you know how to do that later in this post.

First – to find our Events Calendar, just click on the Events link in the blue nav bar near the top of the page.

When you click on that link ( you will be directed to a page with a full-sized calendar. This month’s calendar will be on the screen. You can navigate to other months if you click on the arrows near the top left of the calendar.

If you prefer, you can browse our events in a list format. Just click on the Event List box near the top right of the calendar to go to the event listing. Here’s a small image of what the Event List looks like. You can click on the image to go directly to the page.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 3.52.15 PM

If you want to know more information about an event, click on the event title in either the Event List or on the Calendar and you will get a page with more specific event information.

You can also post comments on an event if you have more information to add to the listing or want to connect with others attending the event. For example, if you are planning to fly to Sun-n-Fun and want to meet other SWPC members there you can post a comment saying where you are going to be camping or where another SWPC member might find you.

We don’t have many events listed thus far – but I’m hoping we can get more events posted with your help!

If your SWPC Chapter has an event or if you know about an aviation event that would be of interest to the Short Wing Piper Club community, please contact me through our Contact Us page (I’m listed near the bottom of the pull-down menu as Website Content Manager)

Here’s the information I’ll need to know:

  • the event name
  • short description of event
  • type of event (Aviation Event, SWPC Chapter Event, SWPC Event – I can also add other categories like workshops, seminars etc.
  • date(s) of event
  • time event will be held or note if it’s an all day event
  • location of event including address, if available
  • contact person, if applicable, along with contact email and/or phone #
  • event website address, if available
  • cost to participate, if known

At some point in the future, we may be able to expand this Events Calendar feature so SWPC members can post events on their own and not have to send me the information.

All for now!

Myrna CG Mibus – SWPC Website Content Manager



Website Progress Report 3/6/13

Hello again! It’s time for another quick progress report to let you know what’s happening with the new SWPC Website.

  • We’re getting great feedback and many compliments on the new site
  • We’re just about ready to “go live” with the SWPC Store so you can purchase great SWPC merchandise
  • We’ve had over 1,000 people visit our site so far (77 visited the page today!)

All great stuff!! However, I am sorry to say we still don’t have our Member Login part of the site working quite yet.

But don’t panic!!  The website works just fine and you can navigate the site without being logged in!!

All that you CAN’T do right now is log in, purchase or renew a membership and check to see when your membership expires.

Even though the membership login is not yet working you CAN log in to the forums using your current forum login user name and password. If you don’t have your login information please contact Forum Admin Kurt Selbert at and he will help you out.

I’m meeting with our website designer to get this Membership thing figured out on Thursday morning. Rest assured, we’re going to get that part of the website working as soon as possible!

THANK YOU for your patience as we get our new website fully up and running.

Website Progress Report 2/26/13

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know where we’re at with the website as far as membership login, SWPC Store and a few other things go.

Thank you so much for your positive support and for your patience as I continue to work with our website developer and his team to get our site up to speed!

Myrna CG Mibus – SWPC Website Content Manager

Our new website is pretty much up and running, as you can see, but here’s an update on some of the things we’re still working on:

Member Login – As mentioned in Member Login Not Necessary, we are still getting the membership login and member functions working. I was hoping to have Membership up and running this week but, since I will be out of town for a few days, it’s likely I won’t get the login information to you until early the week of March 1st. But that’s okay – you can browse the website without being logged in.

SWPC Store – Right now the Store is in demo mode and no orders are being filled because we need to get a few more things figured out. We should have the SWPC Store up and running sometime next week. If you need to order something before then, contact Larry Jenkins directly through our Contact Us form.

Tool Rental – We’ll have the Tool Rental part of the website up and running very soon, too. If you are need something right away, please contact Claire directly through our Contact Us form.

Forums – Even though the membership login is not yet working on the site you CAN log in to the forums using your current forum login user name and password. If you don’t have your login information please contact Forum Admin Kurt Selbert at  and he will help you out.

Double log in issue – I know one of the greatest desires of Club members is that we integrate the website login with the forums login. We’re still working on this and will keep you posted on our progress.

What’s On the Horizon for the SWPC Website?

  • Online registration for the 2013 SWPC Convention will be up and running soon.
  • We have a Short Wing Piper News page in the works where you can find info about the magazine
  • Members will be able to download issues of the Short Wing Piper News
  • We have an Aircraft Awards database in the works
  • We’ll be launching a Technical page where Members can access our vast collection of Short Wing specific technical documents
  • And more!