Planning Continues for the 2014 Convention in SMX

SWPC Convention 2014

This article was published in the March-April issue of the Short Wing Piper News, pages 23-24. Submitted by Joe Cronan, Connie Stevens, and Lou Reinkens, 2014 SMX Convention Co-directors.

Greetings SWPC BOD and Interested Members,

Currently, the 2012 Ogden Convention is at our 6 o’clock, 2013’s Saratoga Convention is at our 12 o’clock leading us toward July festivities. We are hoping that it’s not too soon for you to be also thinking about 2014 and the SWPC Convention in Santa Maria, California (Set for June 22-27, with headquarters at the Radisson Hotel). Our brief Update 2 is below:

Our first Update and draft of the 2014 SWPC Convention schedule of events and preliminary budget was completed and E-mailed to the Board and other interested persons in November 2012.

The Radisson Hotel Santa Maria contract has been signed with a $500 deposit to secure the reserved rooms and services at negotiated rates.

Tours are secured and transportation is currently under negotiation.

Event dates for our Arrival Welcome and Movies have been secured at the SMX Flight Museum.

The 2014 SMX Convention patch and logo design is completed and with the contractor.

Technical and Vendor Forum schedules are receiving positive responses and commitments from presenters.

Speakers for our Membership Luncheon and Awards Banquet are secured.

Achieving our soon-to-be adjusted budget successfully is dependent upon developing our Convention website, SWPN & media articles, advertising and marketing material for the 2013 Saratoga Convention. The promotion that closes 2013 in NY will set the tone for 2014.


Joe Cronan, Connie Stevens, and Lou Reinkens, 2014 SMX Convention Co-directors

If you’d like to be involved before and/or during this 2014 event, please, contact Connie: c_i_stevens@ yahoo.com. We gladly welcome your assistance. Areas like IT, Social Media, Promotion, Registration, Door Prizes, the Silent Auction, and van drivers – all need more participants.

Our 2014 Mission

Encouraging increased Convention attendance and SWPC membership while sharing the SWPC philosophy of education and technology, camaraderie and flying.

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