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Cactus State Fly-In

From Cliff Van Vleet in the Forum:

Here is my next reminder to come and help us “Celebrate Short Wing Pipers” at Cactus State in Casa Grande, AZ, Friday-Saturday, March 4-5 2016.

Cactus State Flyin 2016, www.cactusflyin.org, Casa Grande, AZ, is only three weeks away. This is the kick off aviation event in Arizona each year sponsored and conducted by the Classic Airplane Association of Arizona. We have excellent weather (most of the time) and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets this time of year and every airplane owner and/or pilot whether classic or not is invited to bring their pretty airplanes out to show off and tell stories about.

This year Cactus State is Celebrating Short Wing Pipers. Chatter on the Internet indicates several SWPC members outside our Arizona Chapter have learned about the celebration and are planning to attend. This is great news. There will be a row of parking set aside for fly-in Short Wings to group together complete with a Short Wing Piper Club banner and a table for distributing some literature.

What we need and I am encouraging you all to participate in is to:
1. Come and Attend the event whether you fly, drive, walk or ride in on your skateboard.
2. FLY your Short Wing to Casa Grande and put it on display with other pretty Short Wings. No limit on the number of Short Wings allowed.
3. FLY your other than Short Wing to the show and be proud of your flying machine. You can’t park with the Short Wings, but you will be part of the overall event.
2. Volunteer to sit at the AZ SWPC hospitality table for a little while to schmooze with attendees and to hand out literature.

Please mark your calendar and place this with your highest priority on joining us.

Cliff Van Vleet

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