Preparations are Underway! 2016 SWPC Convention

Dan Nicholson, the 2016 Convention Director just did a test run of the 700 sm  5-card poker run scheduled for Thursday. He prepped and primed each of the FBOs for the big event and dropped off the playing cards. The last stop in the Poker Run is Llano, Tx where they just concluded the Third Annual STOL Texas Gathering of flying machines! They had over 300 aircraft on the ground! Llano has both turf and paved runways.

Llano, TX Flyin
2016 Texas STOL Flin at Llano

The stop before Llano is Junction,Texas, where the North , and South LLano Rivers, join and head East to join the Colorado River , forming Granite Shoals Lake.
The  FBO Manager at Junction Airport is  92 year old Bill Davis, a former Law Officer of Kimble County, He is really is looking forward to You’al Visiting his airport. What a Hoot!!

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