California SWPC Chapter News – October 2013

Following is the California Chapter’s newsletter from October 29, 2013.

If you miss an event, there will be others you can join in on.  We look forward to seeing you.  If you have a suggestion for a fly-in, be sure to contact us.  Look for our chapter reports in the next issue of the Short Wing Piper News and be sure to check out the Club’s new website!

Thank you to Rick Lach for hosting September’s fly-in. Jim Thames met Rick and got a chance to see his Tri-Pacer or perhaps we should say Tri-Pacers. One is flying and the other two are projects. Kern Valley Airport has a wonderful campground complete with a somewhat rustic, but functional, shower.

Jim Thames and Linda Cochran attended the California Capital Airshow at Mather Field in October. We understand there was supposed to be a Short Wing on the field, but we did not come across it during our time there on Saturday. This was a fun event, and we look forward to attending next year.

A reminder of the upcoming event on November 2: we hope you will be joining us in the fly-in to Shafter-Minter Field (KMIT). This is in conjunction with the event being held at Minter Field Air Museum. Elinor Otto, a WWII ‘Rosie the Riveter’, and Pearl Judd, a WWI WASP stationed at Minter Field during the War, will be the special guests. Breakfast will be served from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m. Each aircraft flying in receives 2 tickets for a free breakfast. Registration can be done by sending us an e-mail so we might have a section set aside for Short Wings or you may go online and register at If you do not fly, the regular price for breakfast is $5.00. There will also be spot landing and flour bombing contests. It should be a great day.

We would like to welcome our newest members, Alta and Bob Morris in Turlock, California. Bob said he had previously owned a Tri-Pacer and two Vagabonds. Currently, he is one of the partners in a Mini-Max. Bob also told us that the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) in Modesto does a breakfast the second Saturday of each month, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop in. Their website also mentions lunch on all the other Saturdays — If you don’t get there on your own, we will be putting this destination on the calendar next year.

As attendance has been waning as the year is, we will not post an event for December. With the holidays and weather possibly becoming more of an issue, it was decided that any flying event would be iffy, at best. In the meantime, if you are planning a weekend flying destination and want to make others aware of it, you can always post these on our facebook page at

Please feel free to contact us any time by e-mail at

Happy Flying!

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Michigan Chapter News – October 2013

When SWPC chapters send their newsletters in to me at the SWPC Website, I post them on the Chapters’ page. I’m trying something new now – In addition to posting the most recent newsletters on the Chapters page, I’m going to post the newsletters in the Latest News section so they are more visible to anyone viewing our website.

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Here is our first Latest News Chapter Report from the Michigan SWPC Chapter.

To open a PDF of the Michigan Chapter October 2013 Newsletter, please click HERE or on the image below.

Michigan Oct-2013-2

See the World from Above – Pictures from Larry Jenkins

One of the greatest things about attending a SWPC Convention is the adventure in getting there, especially when getting there involves flying in a Short Wing Piper. Larry Jenkins, our Education Foundation Director and Manager of our SWPC Store, had a great flying adventure flying his Clipper from his home in Tennessee to our convention in Saratoga Springs and back home again. Larry sent in many wonderful pictures of his flight home and is letting me share  them with all of you. Thanks, Larry!

Larry’s pictures are a great inspiration to get out and fly and enjoy the world from above. So sit back and take a look at the slideshow – and then get out and fly or start planning your next flying trip to see the world from above.

Perhaps Larry’s pictures will inspire you to fly your Short Wing to  the 2014 SWPC Convention in Santa Maria, California!


Here’s some information from Larry on his pictures:

The first group of pictures includes a few pictures from the convention flight line at the Saratoga Airport and the pictures taken on the flight home of the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty. The next group of pictures were taken on the segment of Larry’s journey  from the New York City area to Morehead City, NC.

Larry wrote, “I fulfilled one of my dreams to have taken every airplane I have owned to Kitty Hawk.  You can see the monument in the background.  I love the mystic of the outer banks of North Carolina.  The weather was beautiful, and you are along for one of the most awesome flights.  To keep my story short, I spent several days in Morehead City with friends I have known for more than 50 years.  Once I got a break in the weather, I flew as far west as possible, and the weather put me down in Rockingham, NC for several more days.  Again, I stayed with friends that lived in that area.  When the weather cleared, I flew west to Ft. Payne, Alabama, for fuel, and on home to H 75.  The trip was far more than what you have read about in this email and seen in these pictures. It was a trip of a life time!”

Click on any gallery image to view in a larger size or to view as a slide show. If you are viewing this post in your email, please visit the website to view the gallery.

Saratoga Flight Line Pictures

Short Wings Over Saratoga – 2013 SWPC Convention

Yes, the 2013 Short Wings Over Saratoga convention is long over but, guess what? We still have some flight line pictures sent in by Convention Chair, Andy Seligson, to share with you.

Because of weather that was beyond poor,  we had only a dozen airplanes at this year’s convention. Still, as you can see in this collection of pictures, the flightline was lively and volunteers were on hand parking planes and welcoming pilots and passengers when the weather was nice enough for arrivals.

Thanks again to the Short Wings Over Saratoga Convention Crew for all of your hard work to make the 2013 Convention a success!

Click on any gallery image to view in a larger size or as a slide show. If you are viewing this post in your email, please visit the website to view the gallery.


Events for September 28 & 29, 2013

Fall is a great time for flying so if you are looking for somewhere to go this weekend there are a couple of Short Wing friendly events coming up – a Fly-in Bean Dinner in Oklahoma with the Oklahoma SWPC Chapter and a Sentimental Journey Fly-in Breakfast at William T. Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) in Pennsylvania.

Click HERE for more information on the Oklahoma Fly-in Bean Dinner

Click HERE for more information on the Sentimental Journey Fly-in Breakfast

Be sure to check our Events Calendar from time to time  to see what else is going on.

Have an event that you think should be on our Events Calendar? Please contact our Website Content Manager through our Contact Us page.

Thanks to Roger Southwick for this picture which he took at a fly-in lunch at SkyHarbor Airpark in Minnesota.
Thanks to Roger Southwick for this picture which he took at a fly-in lunch at SkyHarbor Airpark in Minnesota.

30 Years for SWPC

There’s a bunch of information about Short Wing Pipers and the Short Wing Piper Club out on the internet and in print. We’re gathering a collection of articles about Short Wing Pipers and the SWPC and will post a list of them on our website at our Short Wings in the Media page.

Here’s an article written by SWPC Member, Kenny Brown, that appeared in General Aviation News. It’s titled 30 Years for Short Wing Piper Club and it was written shortly after our 2009 Convention, Smoky Mountain High, which was held in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Click on the image below to view the article on the General Aviation News website.

You can also click HERE to read the story.

GA News story

Have you found other stories online or in print that have to do with the Short Wing Piper Club or our fun little Short Wing Pipers? Please let me know so we can add them to our Short Wings in the Media section of the website. You can contact me at our Contact Us page. I am listed under Website Content Manager.

2013 Hall of Honor Inductees – George & Tyke Klitch

In our 2013 Convention Wrap-up post, we had a short mention that George & Tyke Klitch were induced into our SWPC Hall of Honor. Here is a full article about the 2013 Hall of Honor inductees. This article, Two long-serving members selected for SWPC Honor Roll, was published in the September-October 2013 issue of the Short Wing Piper News and appears on pages 17-19.

For a full listing of Hall of Honor recipients, please visit our Honor Roll page.

Two long-serving members selected for SWPC Honor Roll

The club awarded a framed certificate to George and Florence (better known as Tyke) Klitch, Valrico, Fla., in honor of their inclusion in the SWPC Hall of Honor. President Peter Lubig presented the certificate to George and Tyke at the banquet Thursday evening.

Those who fly in and camp at Sun ‘n Fun probably meet George – or at least one of his crew –  since he is in charge of the aircraft camping area. And for many of our members, Tyke – or one of her crew – is their introduction to the Short Wing Piper Club, since she faithfully mans the club’s booth in the type club tent, handing out Short Wing Piper News magazines and brochures, answering questions about the club, and sometimes signing up new members or taking renewals.

In addition, George has been the long-time president of the Florida Chapter.

President Peter Lubig presents SWPC Honor Roll plague to George & Tyke Klitsch, 2013 recipients of the award.
President Peter Lubig presents SWPC Honor Roll plague to George & Tyke Klitsch, 2013 recipients of the award.

The nomination for the honor came from a current Honor Roll member and another long-serving member of the Florida Chapter and the Sun ‘n Fun crew, Iris Morris. Her nomination reads:
I would like to nominate George and Florence (Tyke) Klitsch to the Honor Roll.

In the early ‘80’s, George got his license and their first plane, a Colt, which George out-fitted for IFR flight. It was one of the first small IFR planes in the area. They flew it between New Jersey and the Florida Keys. The next was a Triple-tail Bellanca that he rebuilt from a basket case; next was a Bellanca Viking, which Tyke dearly loved, and then a Mooney and finally back to the “real” planes. a 1959 Tri-Pacer, which they still have.

About this time, they became involved with Sun ‘n Fun and joined the SWPC. Billy and Adair Henderson and Iris Morris, all Tri-Pacer owners and SWPC members, asked George to volunteer in Aircraft Camping, where Adair was chairman and Iris co-chair- man. By this time, there were several SWPC members volunteering with them.

The following year, George was asked to take over the duties of Chairman, which he has done ever since and has just ‘signed on’ for another year.

With most of our volunteers being Club members, when A/C Camping got a mobile home converted to a working building, Sun ‘n Fun named it “The Short Wing Piper Building.”

Back in the “Early Days,” Sun ‘n Fun had a small tent for Type Clubs, and the Florida Chapter asked to set up a booth. This is when Florence (Tyke) found “Her Place.” She sets it up, finds and schedules volunteers and has made it a place for members and others to meet, get information, pay their dues, post buy and sell items, etc. National members come here to meet up with friends, pay their dues, or sit and rest their tired feet.

Not long after George started as Chairman at S’nF, he was elected President of the Florida Chapter and has been re-elected over and over. He has helped to give this Chapter the honor of being the first Chapter to receive the “Outstanding Chapter of the Year” award in 2010 at the Middletown, Ohio, Convention.

We feel that George and Florence deserve to be honored with this award.

Iris Morris
SWPC #64
News Editor/Treasurer Florida Chapter

The board members agreed and asked that a certificate be printed to be presented at the convention. The certificate reads:

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Short Wing Piper Club and its goal to maintain and preserve the Piper Vagabonds, Clippers, Pacers, Colts and Tri-Pacers, George and Tyke have been selected to have their names included on the Short Wing Piper Club Honor Roll!

They are recognized for their service to their Florida Chapter and to the Short Wing Piper Club and aviation in general for their work each year at Sun ‘n Fun. In addition to leading the Florida Chapter George has led the aircraft camping group for many years and Tyke has manned the SWPC booth in the Type Club Tent for just as many years. Their service to their chapter and their club and its members has been invaluable and they are to be commended for their work for aviation in general.

They join the Honor Roll alongside previously recognized members Robert A. Fuller, Stephen W. Marsh, Edwin F. Wach, Kurt Schneider, Larry D. Smith, Lonnie McLaughlin, George Fruehauf, Iris Morris, Frank Rush, Charles H. “Chuck” Lewis, Bob and Eleanor Mills, Clyde Grant, Kent O’Kelly, John Wood, Ralph Gutowski, Tom Anderson, Cliff Van Vleet, John Beck, Doug Stewart, Art Weisberger, and Garry Butler.

Awarded at the 2013 SWPC
Convention, Sarasota Springs, N.Y.

George and Tyke’s names will be added to the SWPC Honor Roll plaque on display in the club’s area at the Piper Museum in Lock Haven. George said he knows just where to hang their certificate in the Short Wing Piper Building at Sun ‘n Fun.