Final Comment by SWPC on Rudder Post NPRM

Below is the final comment made by the Short Wing Piper Club and our partners to the NPRM issued by the FAA which if approved would require the replacement of the rudder on ovwer 30,000 aircraft and cost the public in excess of $100,000 000. As you know the Shlort Wing Piper Club and our partner organizations and experts have been working diligently to fight this AD and have specifically asked that the NPRM be withdrawin. You can see a list of our partners and experts that have signed onto this comment at the end of the comment. The comment period for this NPRM is open until February 21. so there still is a short period during which you can make meaningful comments on the NPRM. The more we get that address the faults of this NPRM the better.

We anticipate that we will hear nothihng from the FAA on this NPRM for a significant period of time while all the comments are evaluated. All of the support we have received from our partners and experts, our club members and owners of fabric covered Piper aircraft is very much appreciated.

Click here to see Final SWPC Final NPRM Comments