Technical Documents Now on our SWPC Website!

Here’s an exciting announcement – most of our extensive collection of Short Wing Piper technical documents are now up on our website available for SWPC Members to view and download!

The documents were on our old website but were rather difficult to find as they were buried in the Forums and most people didn’t know where they were. Now, however, they are easy to find through our Technical page and can be viewed by SWPC members! You will find at our Maintenance Data Depot an extensive collection of ADs, Type Certificate Data Sheets, Service Bulletins, Service Letters, Service Memos and a collection of Miscellaneous Maintenance documents. Soon to come are more ADs as well as STCs and 337s.

Not only are the documents easy to find, they are well organized due to the great volunteer work of Tom Anderson and Ralph Gutowski who put in many hours on this project. Thanks Tom and Ralph!

In order to view the documents, you must be a current SWPC member and logged in on our website. If you don’t remember how to log in, click HERE for instructions.

Just a note: If you just joined the SWPC, it may take a day or two for you to get set up in the website’s system so you can access the Maintenance Data Depot.

Please also note: These forms and data are made available “As Is,” without any claim or guarantee as to fitness or applicability. Use of this data is the sole responsibility of the user who holds-harmless the Short Wing Piper Club, its officers, and members, who provided the information. By using these data, the user accepts these terms and conditions.

Here are three different ways to find the Maintenance Data Depot main page:

  • Click on the Technical Page menu where you will find a link to the Maintenance Data Depot page. Click on the link to find the Maintenance Data Depot.
  • Navigate directly to the Maintenance Data Depot page through the Technical pull down menu in the blue navigation bar at the top of any website page
  • Click HERE and go directly to the Maintenance Data Depot.

MX Data Depot visual


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