Oregon Aero Deal for SWPC Members during AirVenture

SWPC at AirVenture

During OshKosh/AirVenture 2013, Oregon Aero has extended a special offer to SWPC members to get an additional 5% discount on advertised show specials through August 15th. Oregon Aero specializes in making your flying experiences more comfortable with the many products they offer like seat cushions and headset upgrade kits. Be sure to check out their products on their website, www.oregonaero.com, or visit them at OshKosh to see their products first hand.

If you are at OshKosh, you can find Oregon Aero in Building C, Booth 3151-3155. Pick up a special 5% off flyer from the SWPC Table in the Type Club Building (in the Vintage Hangar about 100 feet south of the VAA Red Barn ) or print out this one from the website and hand  it in to Oregon Aero when you place your order.

If you are not able to attend AirVenture but would like to get the special 5% off deal, just call Oregon Aero at 1-800-888-6910 and mention that you are a member of the Short Wing Piper Club and would like an additional 5% off of the AirVenture specials.

Thanks Oregon Aero for supporting the Short Wing Piper Club and our members with this extra 5% off deal!Oregon Aero OSH Deal

iFLY GPS sales to benefit SWP Education Foundation

Did you notice a little ad on the right side of our website under Member Product Deal? This is not just an ordinary ad for an aviation product. Instead, this iFLY GPS ad is the result of a special arrangement our store manager and SWP Education Foundation Director, Larry Jenkins, worked out with Adventure Pilot company.

This is the deal, Adventure Pilot will sends the SWP Education Foundation a check for $50.00 for each iFLY 720 GPS until sold through our website. There’s no hidden costs to the customer or anything like that – $699.00 is the price Adventure Pilot charges anyone who visits their website –  they are simply willing to give our Club a bonus for sending business their way. It’s a win-win deal for Adventure Pilot, the Short Wing Piper Club and for the Education Foundation!

“This is the greatest avionics value I have ever purchased.” says Larry Jenkins of the iFLY GPS he uses in his award-winning Clipper. As for installation, Larry notes that adding an iFLY to his Clipper is considered to be a minor alteration to the airframe. He made an attachment point and wired in a power source from the avionics bus. There was no FAA Form 337 required, and an A & P can make the logbook entry noting the wiring and knob for mounting the portable GPS.

If you want to support the SWP Education Foundation by purchasing an iFLY 720 GPS, just follow these simple steps:

  • Jot down the special Media Code found on the bottom of the ad – SWPC50
  • Click on the ad found on the SWPC’s Website (and right here!) and you will be directed to Adventure Pilot’s web store


  • Add a iFLY GPS to your cart, click on “Add to Cart” and you will be directed to the Shopping Cart page
  • In the Media Code box, enter SWPC50
  • Click on Continue to Checkout where you continue to enter shipping/billing information and pay for your iFLY GPS
  • Adventure Pilot then sends the SWP Education Foundation a check for $50!

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