Seminar on STCs & 337s Announced

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013 – July 1st – 4th

Following is a Short Wings Over Saratoga Convention 2013 update from convention chair, Andy Seligson

We have a change in the convention schedule as it pertains to seminars. It was hoped that we could offer a seminar on aviation weather, given by a FSS briefer. Unfortunately the briefer could not be available for the convention. The best he could do was a presentation via Skype. I explained that this would not be acceptable for a group like ours. People aren’t going to travel across the country to see a seminar on Skype.

Enter plan two. The Board has been concerned about technical articles printed in the Short Wing Piper News. Mostly, they were concerned about the liability issue. A legal disclaimer is printed in every issue. I thought that a seminar on STCs & 337s would be a perfect presentation for our Short Wing Pipers. These aircraft certainly have a long list of alterations, making some of them far better than the day they left Lock Haven. What better presenter than Alan K. Miller, Principal Maintenance Inspector at the Albany, NY FSDO. Mr. Miller has done presentations for the Northeast chapter over the years. He was most enthusiastic about doing this seminar! He deals with this area every day. SWPC Technical Advisors will also be on hand to help Mr. Miller field any type specific questions that may arise.

This seminar will take place at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday July 2nd after the Business Meeting, at approximately 4-4:30 pm. Peter Lubig’s seminar on aerial photography will now follow the Meet and Greet on Monday July 1st. The tentative time for the Meet & Greet is 5-6 pm in the Holiday Inn lounge. The time will be approximately 6:30 in the Holiday Inn. Please make note of these two changes. Please remember that all registered attendees are welcome to the Meet & Greet. It’s a cash bar with hot & cold hors d’oeuvres.

I have heard from a total of one person about donations for door prizes. Any reasonable aviation related, or non related item will be accepted. I will notify all chapter Presidents.

One last item that will be repeated many times. Bring your own tie down ropes! There are rings in the concrete ramp area to attach the ropes to.  No parking on any grass surface.

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