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  • Cabin Mounted Shoulder Lights


    LED Light replacement for incandescent light in cabin mounted shoulder light.  Kit includes 2 lights and 2 shrouds and comes with complete installation instructions. These LED lights provide 10 times the light at 1/10 the power. Only a log book entry is required for installation. Other features of this product: Dimmable Draw .04 amps each Doesn’t get…

  • Famous “SKY CATCH”


    The Sky Catch is a mechanical attachment to the lift strut which works with a snap-in-place catch to hold doors open while on the ground. The Sky Catch is sold per unit, that is to say, if you have two doors to hold open, you need to purchase TWO Sky Catches. Complete installation instructions provided. …

  • Vent Window Slide


    Vent Window Slide allows opening the side vent window to any degree desired. From a half inch to fully open. The slide is made of quality materials that should last the life of the airplane. Since there are no structural parts involved, only a logbook entry is required.