Presidents Report March 2023

  As the first quarter of the new year comes to a close we have several things going on.  This is proving to be an interesting and looks like an eventful year.  We have talked about the Piper issued Service Bulletin 1379.  Well, you may have heard there are people working on both sides of this issue.  On one side there are people working to rewrite the SB 1379 because it was done in hast and on the other side there are people pushing for it to become an Airworthiness Directive.

  Rest assured that many people are working this issue to correct the misinformation that is floating around out there.  There is a company pushing their 4130 rudder to comply with the upcoming AD!  Well, there is not even a proposed notice of rulemaking, so even if there was going to be and AD it would be way down the road.  Since AD’s are usually a result of fatal crashes and there have only been five rudder failures, or less than 1 percent of all rudders made, it is very unlikely that an AD will ever be issued. 

 So don’t panic and run out an buy a ridder that you do not need.  Rest assured that issues are being met head on and will hopefully be resolved in a safe and economic manner.  There are some alternate methods being worked on to eliminate the total replacement of the rudder. We are looking out for your safety and best interests.

 Now on to the other things.  Remember that this is election year and you will be electing a President and Secretary this year.  Check the News for your ballot and get them mailed in so you have a say in your club.

 The last thing is the annual convention/ membership meeting is coming up in June.  If you have not yet registered, please get your registration submitted.  This should be a fun convention near the ocean and visiting Kitty Hawk where it all began 120 years ago!  Elizabeth City is full of charm and history, so there is something for everyone.

 Also, just a note, it is a class D airport, but that does not mean that ADS-B is required.  ADS-B is only required inside the Mode- C veil, above class B or C airspace or in Class A airspace.  So even if you do not have ADS-B that will not stop you from getting to the convention, just watch the airspace you are flying in. 

Just a quick update,