2024 Convention Update

By the time you read this, the convention will just over a month and a half away.  If you have not registered, please register soon.  As you can see, we are going to the Pacific northwest this year.  You will find the registration form elsewhere in this issue and soon available of the website and we will be posting on Facebook as well. 

This year we are going to be spending more time on our airplanes and how to maintain them.  If you have a topic in particular that you want covered, please contact us ASAP and we will do everything possible to cover these topics.  We will have presentations from uAvionix and we are still working on other manufactures to present to us as well.  Power flow exhaust initially committed to attending, then had a conflict and they cannot attend, but they did provide an awesome prize for someone!

We will be discussing the NPRM in detail and answering questions so everyone knows as much as we know.  Your club has done so much for you on this topic and if you know anyone with a fabric covered Piper that is not a member of this club, please encourage them to become a member!  We will have seminars about fabric covering and repairing your fabric. Also, about flying in the mountains and more backwoods operations.  We will also have a presentation about the Fighting Tri-pacer by Doug Kulick. Yes, it truly is a warbird!

Also available if we can get enough people to sign up for this event.  We will need 5 additional people to sign up, but a guided fishing experience.  We could get 3 people to a boat with a guide with rods furnished, but flies are at your expense.  So, here is how it would break down.

$250 per person, includes waders, rods, lunch & drinks in a raft with a guide.
$23 Oregon daily fishing license
$45 per person tip for the guide
$25 per person for fly’s and miscellaneous

$345 Total per person based on a group of 6.  Fewer than 6 the price goes to $450 per person

Doug will provide at no cost one of his bamboo Kane Klassics fly rods per boat, as a comparison to the graphite rods used today.  If interested please let me know ASAP so we can get this arranged! 

This is promising to be a great time for everyone.  We have a stained-glass workshop arranged and I am still working on something else for the ladies. 

See you in Oregon!