2020 Southwest Regional Fly-In

2020 Southwest Regional

A near-once in a lifetime Regional Fly-in/opportunity.

Don’t miss this chance to be there and see some of the most beautiful red-rock country in the world: Navajo Indian country; at the entry point for float trips downriver through the Grand Canyon; near blazing-red rock slot canyons; among red rock arches: on the largest reservoir in the US, with it’s towering cliffs…and more.

It’s Page Arizona.

And, certainly, even better, you get to socialize with your friends: us-all.

We’ll gather on October 7, and have our always wonderful southwest time togther. After our activities and socializing for four days, we’ll disperse on Sunday, October 11.

As some of you know, we have only one rule for our SW Regionals: Rule Number One: There are no rules. You join in with the group for everything. Or, you do whatever you want, when you want. We don’t care. If you do your own things, we’ll see you for dinner.

Lots of things to do. Some of them near-free, some more expensive. Our thought is to find many interesting things we can do together for free or nominal cost + one or more things that are more expensive: your choice (remember Rule Number One?).

Page has a good airport, with commercial airline service. Getting there isn’t strenuous, so no excuses about not being able to easily arrive for our regional. We’ll pick you up at the airport. There’ll be plenty of cars, so rent one only if you want to.

There’re more things to do than we have time for…Here’re some.

  1. We’ll have airplanes there. Here’s a heck of a good idea from former Club Prez, Cliff Van Vleet. We’ll load up and fly north 50 miles to perhaps the most famous red rock arch in the country: Rainbow Bridge. A five hour round trip by boat, which would be great: about an hour by Shortwing. Different than seeing it first-hand, under the arch? Sure. But, flying is what we’re about. Wonderful.
  2. John Wesley Powell, for whom the huge lake is named, was, among many other things, a one-armed Civil War veteran. He lost his right arm at Pittsburgh Landing, a fight during the Shiloh battle. In spite of this, he led several boat trips down the then uncharted Colorado River. We’ll visit his museum. Here’s the link: https://www.powellmuseum.org .
  3. The “ancient ones”, called Anasazi, were Indian tribes that lived, and for some time flourished in the US southwest. The Navajos are thought to have been one of Anasazi tribes. We’ll visit a Navajo Indian village and learn about this part of the heritage of  our southwest. https://www.navajovillage.com
  4. There are plenty of places that we can drive to for several hour or half day excursions. We’ll look further into these in the next month or so.
  5. Glen Canyon Dam: Carl-Hayden visitor center and dam tour. The visitor center displays the building of the dam. The tour takes us inside the dam itself. visitor-center.html#.Xjmg9WhKhnI

      6) A half day, smooth water river trip 15 miles down the Colorado River among high red rock cliffs. Of               the tours we’ve found, this half day rafting trip down the Colorado River from Page looks to be                         something we should do. Towering cliffs, just like those on downstream into the Grand Canyon.                    https://www.riveradventures.com/horseshoe-bend-rafting-trips/horseshoe-bend-rafting-    experience/half-day/

      7) Boat tour on Lake Powell from Antelope Marina to Lower Antelope Canyon.


      8) Private tour to a slot canyon: Secret Antelope Canyon and/or Horseshoe Bend overlook. We may                  also be able to drive to the Horseshoe Bend overlook. https://horseshoebendtours.com/     

      9) Dinner Cruise in wahweap Bay. This may or may not be available for our October dates. But, they                   may extend their season. We’ll see.


And, perhaps the most important part of any of our regionals. Lots of time to lean back, relax, chat, and enjoy each other. We’ll detail the activities and costs for the things we can or plan to do in the May issue of the Supplement or in our official publication, The News.