Leaning Basics EAA Webinar

Have you ever wondered what to do with that big red knob on your Short Wing Piper’s panel? We found this no nonsense video presentation on how to keep your engine happy on the EAA website that you might want to check out.

Here’s an explanation of the video taken from the EAA Video website: “Mike Busch discusses Leaning without fear, the Embry-Riddle experience, a minimal leaning checklist, why full-rich is too rich, how mixture affects power & key engine parameters, how mixture affects the combustion event, leaning made simple.”

The EAA’s Video page of EAA’s website is packed with webinars (internet seminars) and videos on aviation related topics ranging from AirVenture to interviews with aviation legends to information on learning to fly. Hop on over to the EAA Video Player website and check things out!

This webinar presentation is an audio presentation with slides to support the information presented. To view in full screen, click on the full screen button on the lower right corner of the video screen. Then click on the arrow to play.

Webinar full screen image





If a video screen image does not appear below then simply click HERE to view the webinar on the EAA Video’s website

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