Flying High Book Features PA22

While looking around the internet in search of a particular book that mentions the wonderful PA-22 TriPacer, I found another book, Flying High that features the PA-22 as well.

Flying High was published in 2003 and was written by pilot Oscar Williams. Here’s a synopsis of the book taken from its Amazon page: “Flying High is a chronicle of flying experiences and observations which will stimulate forgotten memories of old pilots, peak the curiosity of new or to be new pilots and give the general public a glance into the world of a private pilot. The book will amuse some and cause many to shake their heads in disbelief.”

The book has an entire chapter on the Piper TriPacer PA-22. The chapter begins with Williams saying that in 1958, he had a “need for more speed” than the Aeronca 7AC he’d been flying. So he flew over to another airport where he’d heard there was a TriPacer. Williams wrote, “I had never seen anything so beautiful, so up close and touchable, than the Tri-Pacer sitting there gleaming in the sun.”

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The book is available on various book websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and also through the publisher, iUniverse, in softcover book and ebook format.

If you read Flying High, let your fellow Short Wing Piper lovers know what you think of it!



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