First Day of Convention 2013

The first day of Short Wings Over Saratoga has begun! The Meet and Greet just took place here at the Saratoga Springs Holiday Inn (a nice hotel in a convenient location, just like Convention Chair Andy Seligson promised!) and, I believe, a forum with President Peter Lubig on Aerial Photography is about to start.

After starting out by car this morning from Buffalo, NY and driving through a lot of rain, my family arrived at about 5:30, about midway though the Meet and Greet. It’s always good to see members of our Short Wing Family and meet some new people. I don’t have a lot of information for you yet on things that happened earlier today, nor do I have info on how many are here, but I  hope to gather more information and pictures and post things as soon as possible.

This is what I have heard:

  • Some more planes arrived yesterday and I understand we have about a dozen at the airport (5B2)
  • Originally, about 50 airplanes were to fly in
  • Many people, like my family, decided to drive
  • Others started to fly but eventually decided to turn back home

Though some had to turn back, we still have a good-sized crew of Short Wingers here ready to start a great week!

I don’t have other pictures to share with you at this moment but can  offer a picture of my cool Short Wings Over Saratoga bag and name tag –  it’s something!

Thanks already to the Short Wings Over Saratoga crew who are putting on this convention!

your Website Content Manager (who is very glad to not be in a car driving through rain)


Short Wing Bag


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