2021 Southwest Regional

Southwest Regional

Our final word on our 2021 Regional in Page AZ

   Our 20 year running gathering, without interruption (we don’t call last year an interruption in our Regional…just a delay) will happen October 11-17. Our regionals are typically scheduled for four days. We reserved rooms a tad longer because the Page AZ and surrounds are so by-gosh beautiful and there is so much red rock country to see there.

We’ll officially gather on Wednesday, October 13, but many/most of us will arrive earlier. Our apologies to those of you with kids in school. We know that we’ve shut you out, with no malice or evil intent on our part. October in AZ is a good choice for several reasons. 1) Know why much of AZ is a desert? Yeah, you know. It’s REALLY hot and dry in the summer. By October, things have loosened up a bunch and AZ temps become moderate. Every part of our country, and the world, for that matter, has wonderful seasons at some time in the year. AZ is no exception. 2) Crowds and hotel/motel rates drop dramatically in October. And, 3) as you’ll see below, our hotel rate is near an historical low for our regionals. The world knows about the beauty of the area and Lake Powell, and the cost is really high during high season. In October, the costs are more to our liking.

Now, except for kids in school and/or no vacation left, or physical problems (yes, some of us do have some), there’s no reason…repeat, no reason…that you can’t join us unless you’re out of cash. We understand this, too, and many of us have been out of cash now and then…to continue… Page has a good airport with scheduled commercial service. You can arrive there commercially in comfort. Call us: Kent/Deborah, 720-339-3410, or Cliff/Carole, 520-559-1395. We’ll pick you up. Or, better, you can fly your Shortwing in (most of you without crossing mountains… check your sectionals). Call us. We’ll pick you up. Many of us will drive. This is good as well: beautiful, non-developed country to watch as you travel. In the US, we’re running out of places that don’t have buildings on them (a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point). Our southwest still has gorgeous, near-original country to see. We’ve told and shown you the things we plan in earlier Supplements and in the News.

We identified a lot of activities to choose from, eight in the Nov 2020 issue and 9 in Feb 2021 issue (available on our Club website), which are more activities than we can fit in.

There are more details on activities and room reservations in the August 2021 SWPC News Supplement which you can fine under the Members Home page on the website.