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There are a lot of book about flying out there and from time to time Short Wing Pipers are “characters” in these stories. One example of this is 14 Days to Alaska, a book written by Troy Hamon, our guest speaker at our 2013 SWPC Convention. Hamon’s book features his TriPacer, N624A, and tells the story of Hamon’s adventure with his brother flying his TriPacer to Alaska.

While searching on the internet for information on Short Wing Pipers, I found another book that features a Piper TriPacer. The book is titled Confessions of a Pilot by Gene Seibel.

Confessions of a Pilot

Here’s a description of the book taken from Seibel’s website:

“What’s it like to fly an airplane? Each day across America, thousands of private pilots, climb into the sky on flights of adventure in their tiny aircraft. Confessions of a Pilot is the story of one such pilot and his 24 year love affair with flying. Explore 170 pages of memories, dreams and fears, spanning two decades of adventures in his beloved 1958 Piper Tri-Pacer. Then fly with him across North American skies from Oshkosh to Acapulco, and from Phoenix to Philadelphia to enjoy a bird’s eye view of this great land of ours. Whether you are a pilot who may have found yourself in his shoes, an aspiring pilot looking for insight, or someone who simply believes the spice of life is going beyond ordinary, everyday, earthbound activities, this is a book for you.”

You can also find at Seibel’s website a page about his former TriPacer, N8943D, which includes many links to other TriPacer websites.

We’re passing this information along in case any Short Wingers are interested. If you read Confessions of a Pilot, please add a comment and let us know what you think of the book.

Confessions of a Pilot has also been added to our growing list of articles and books listed on our Short Wings in the Media web page.


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