AirVenture 2013 Wrap-up

SWPC at AirVenture

EAA’s Air Venture 2013  wrapped up nearly a month ago but it’s always fun to see some more pictures and hear more updates from the event. So here you go…

Clete Cisler, who manages our table in the Type Club Building, reported that he had 85 signatures of SWPC members who were in attendance with or without their aircraft. Helping Clete spread the SWPC  from our  booth were SWPC President, Connie Stevens, Darren Whipple from the Rochester area (who  helped out several days and for at least the last four years) and  Dan Simpson and Joe Carter. Clete adds, “Eleanor had the [Short Wing Piper] News delivered to my house well in advance and all issues including some left over from last year were passed out. Also all the brochures of the Short Wings were gone. All in all it was a good year.”

SWPC President Connie Stevens wrote that during AirVenture they signed up about 15 new applicants. Many of them decided to take part in a special membership deal (details to be posted on the website soon) that offered a discount if they decided to get the Short Wing Piper News in digital format instead of hard copy. She adds, “Thanks to Clete Cisler of GreenBay WI. Clete has volunteered for many years representing SWPC at AirVenture. He manages the SWPC table in the Vintage Aircraft Building not far from the Past Champions display where 3 Short Wings stood proudly for all to see and enjoy the efforts of their owners.”

Jerry Isbell noted on our SWPC Facebook page that he checked the awards listings. Here is what he wrote: “…So I had time to do some computer searching for the award winners at AirVenture 2013. There was not a single short wing Piper on the list. And I saw several great looking short wings there. Next year I hope we have as good a turn out as this year at our camp near the Hangar Café…”

I, too, did a search of the AirVenture winners. Jerry is correct, there wasn’t a Short Wing listed among the winners for 2013. I noticed that one of our SWPC members, Jim Younggren (who was featured in his local newspaper – the story mentions his Pacer, the SWPC and our 2012 Convention in Ogden) won a Bronze Lindy with for his 1951 Piper PA-18.

It would be great to see a Short Wing Piper in the list of winners in 2014. Get your Short Wing ready and start making plans for AirVenture 2014!

To get you excited for next year, here’s a slideshow of AirVenture pictures. Thanks to Short Wing Family members Amber McKernan, Daniel Miller, Constance Stevens and Jerry Isbell for sharing your photos with us.

Click on any picture to  view  full size or to start a slideshow.



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