2013 Convention Updates

Short Wings Over Saratoga – SWPC Convention 2013

July 1st through 4th

Short Wings Over Saratoga, our 2013 SWPC Convention, starts in just two weeks! Here are some important updates and reminders from our Convention Chair, Andy Seligson

New seminar added : Have you ever found yourself with a dead battery and no jumpstart in sight? Many of us have. There is a way, if done properly and safely, to start that Short Wing Piper (or many other General Aviation aircraft). It’s called hand propping. Member Bill Natale will offer a seminar on hand propping at the airport around 10:00 am on Tuesday July 2nd (weather permitting). Bill is a seasoned pro, A&I, former Bush Pilot in Alaska, and owner of such “toys” as a Waco & Great Lakes Bi-Plane, C-170, Clipper, & PA 12. There are those of us who have, do, and wish they could hand prop a plane. If done the right way, it could save the day. I had to do this twice in one day at our May Fly-in, thanks to a careless FBO that left the master switch on! That’s 10:00 am on Tuesday July 2nd at the airport.

Poker Run: We are encouraging you to think about entering the poker run and offering any empty seats that you are comfortable with, to a member without wings. There will be a sign up board at the Holiday Inn. The entry fee is a big $10 a hand. Each hand has its own registration card. If you pre-paid for yours, you will receive it at registration in the Holiday Inn. You can play as many hands as you wish; one card per entry form. Last card received when you return to Saratoga (5B2). This will be about 9:30 am on Wednesday July 3rd (the 4th is the rain date). Click HERE to read more about the Poker Run.

A reminder about under the wing tent camping: We have 2 good areas for grass tie-downs. One for tent camping under the wing. The other for grass tie–downs. If you plan to tie down on the grass make sure to bring your own anchors & rope! There will be 2 port-a-potties adjacent to our parking area. There is ample tie down space on the paved ramp adjacent to the grass area. As with the grass tie downs – make sure to bring your own tie down rope!! Click HERE to read more about Aircraft Parking & Camping.

Door prizes are starting to come in. They range from many cash gifts ( for “fuel $$”), aviation books, a free conversion of your headset to an ANR, and 2 open cockpit bi-plane rides in Bill Natale’s Great Lakes. Raffles and drawings will be at the Members Luncheon and Banquet.

Saratoga Battlefield Trip: As of this writing (6/17/13 9:18 pm edt) there is only one seat left for the Saratoga Battlefield trip. We will need at least 15 more for another bus. If paths were crossed and one has paid for this, we’ll try to get alternate transportation or make a refund.


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